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Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds and Full Term Marijuana Seeds

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Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds and Full Term Marijuana Seeds

What are full term marijuana seeds (photoperiod marijuana seeds?)

Full term marijuana seeds or photoperiod marijuana seeds are regular weeds seeds that use a photoperiod: a measure of the cycle of time showing how long a marijuana plant is exposed to light each day.

Two numbers are often used to denote the measurement of the time cycle. The first number represents the time plants are exposed to light, while the second represents the time a plant should be in the dark.

For instance, a 12/12 cycle of light shows that the marijuana plant will need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

These regular marijuana seeds will require the gardener to control the dark and light cycles for the marijuana plant to flower at the appropriate time.

Auto flowering marijuana seeds

In the last couple of years, there has been an unprecedented demand for auto flowering marijuana seeds around the world.

The demand stems from the peculiar nature of auto flower cannabis seeds engineered to flower without the tiresome process of keeping tabs with the light cycles.

When the in-built flowering timer in the clock of the auto flower reaches, the plant will flower.

This makes it easy for most growers, especially new home growers who don’t have the time and expensive equipment needed to regulate the cycle of light that the marijuana plant needs manually.

Auto flowering seeds are possible through controlled breeding, where a feminized or non-feminized (regular) cannabis plant is crossed with a Ruderalis plant. Ruderalis Marijuana plants adapted to survive the cold and harsh weather conditions of their original environments to flower automatically.

Therefore, the new strain of auto flowering seeds is able to grow in less than ideal conditions flowering irrespective of how much light the plant receives.

Advantages Of Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

Auto flowers are novice-friendly since all the tedious work of religiously following a light cycle is eliminated. With the legalization of marijuana in Arizona, thanks to Arizona Proposition 207, anyone can get their marijuana home garden installation running in no time with auto flower weed seeds.

Auto flower Marijuana Seeds do not depend on or need light cycles to change. That means that the plant you can have plants at different growth stages in the space. Both vegetative and flowering plants will do well together.

Newer marijuana varieties and strains can grow like they are on steroids. They go from seed to harvest in less than 50 days, unlike the full term or photoperiod marijuana seeds that take longer (averagely four months) to flower.

Whether you are an outdoor or indoor fan, auto flower marijuana seeds will flourish—no need for the need to wait for season shifts for the plants to flower.

Additionally, with abundant light for outdoor growers, you can harvest several times in one season with auto flower seeds.

If you consider the plant size, auto flower seeds grow into smaller marijuana plants compared to the full term plants, perfect for individuals growing at home or in limited space.

New varieties of auto flower seeds grow into plants resistant to common marijuana problems like disease and mold. Besides, as we earlier saw, they can survive the harshest winter seasons.

Advantages Of Full Term Marijuana Seeds (Photoperiod Marijuana Seeds)

  • Photoperiod marijuana seeds can vegetate indefinitely on a light cycle between an 18/6 and 24/0 only flower once they are switched to a 12/12 light cycle. This affords the grower control on when time harvests depending on the market and other factors.
  • The unlimited vegetation period also toughens the marijuana plant to weather harsh conditions and disease by delaying the flowering to only when the requirements for a bumper harvest are rife.
  • One full term marijuana seed can be cloned into unlimited plants, unlike the auto flowers that can only be cloned into one plant.
  • Another advantage photoperiod or full term marijuana seeds have is they grow into much bigger marijuana plants; this implies they tend to have much higher yields compared to auto flowers.
  • Buds or flowers of marijuana plants from full term marijuana seeds are usually more potent, in the sense that they have a more substantial effect when used. Potency depends on the levels of THC in a plant; the more the THC, the more potent the marijuana giving a user a more significant psychoactive experience.

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