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How To Dry And Cure Cannabis Buds

How to Dry and Cure Cannabis Buds

After harvesting your cannabis, it’s essential to dry and cure your buds properly. Improper drying and curing can result in sub-par buds, so it’s vital to do it right. Growers often hang their cannabis upside down in a cool, dark room to dry. How Long Will it Take to Dry

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Common Methods For Training Marijuana Plants

Common Methods for Training Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plant training is a common and effective way to increase yields and improve crop quality. It is a physical manipulation of the plant to encourage a specific growth pattern. There are various ways to train marijuana plants, each with its advantages and disadvantages. These training methods are classified into

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Complete Guide To Cannabis Plant Training

Complete Guide to Cannabis Plant Training

Cannabis training is manipulating the plant to grow in a certain way. This can be done for several reasons, including increased yield, changing the plant’s shape, or increasing bud density. The process is not as complex as it may sound, and with patience, anyone can learn how to train their

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How Super Cropping Creates Bigger Yields

How Super Cropping Creates Bigger Yields

Super Cropping is a technique that involves lightly pinching or squeezing the main stem of a plant between your fingers. This damages the plant in a way that causes it to produce more branching and leaves, creating more sites for bud development. The result is more significant, denser buds with

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How To Perform Low Stress Training On Cannabis

How To Perform Low-Stress Training On Cannabis

Low-stress training (LST) is a cannabis cultivation technique that involves gently bending and manipulating the plant to encourage it to grow in a specific direction. By doing this, growers can control the shape and size of their plants, as well as increase yield. There are several reasons why growers might

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How To Top Cannabis Properly 1

How To Top Cannabis Properly

Cannabis topping removes the main stem (or apical meristem) from a cannabis plant. This is typically done to encourage lateral (side-to-side) growth instead of vertical growth. This process can be done for both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. However, it is best to do this process when it is relatively

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Monster Cropping Cannabis Step By Step Guide

Monster Cropping Cannabis: Step-By-Step Guide

Cannabis monster cropping is a technique that involves taking a cutting from a mature cannabis plant and then re-vegging it. The cutting is allowed to grow for a few weeks before being forced to flower again. This results in a much bushier plant with more bud sites. This technique has

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