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How to Dry and Cure Cannabis Buds

How To Dry And Cure Cannabis Buds

After harvesting your cannabis, it’s essential to dry and cure your buds properly. Improper drying and curing can result in sub-par buds, so it’s vital to do it right. Growers often hang their cannabis upside down in a cool, dark room to dry. How Long Will it Take to Dry Cannabis? The amount of time … Read more

How to Harvest Cannabis Plants Outdoors

How To Harvest Cannabis Plants Outdoors

Harvesting cannabis plants outdoors is not similar to indoors. The main difference is that when growing your cannabis indoors, you can control all the environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, light, and more. However, when you are growing outdoors, you cannot control these things. Therefore, you will need to know how to deal with them so … Read more

Complete Guide to Cannabis Plant Training

Complete Guide To Cannabis Plant Training

Cannabis training is manipulating the plant to grow in a certain way. This can be done for several reasons, including increased yield, changing the plant’s shape, or increasing bud density. The process is not as complex as it may sound, and with patience, anyone can learn how to train their plants. History of Cannabis Plant … Read more

How To Top Cannabis Properly

How To Top Cannabis Properly

Cannabis topping removes the main stem (or apical meristem) from a cannabis plant. This is typically done to encourage lateral (side-to-side) growth instead of vertical growth. This process can be done for both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. However, it is best to do this process when it is relatively young because it is easier … Read more

Your Guide To Cannabis High-Stress Training (HST)

Your Guide To Cannabis High Stress Training Hst

Cannabis plants can undergo high-stress training (HST), which can help the plant produce more yields. The grower deliberately stresses the plant out by manipulating its environment during this process. This can be done in several ways, depending on the plant’s needs. Many methods can be used to stress cannabis plants. Some common ways are; Topping: … Read more

Common Cannabis Strains to Grow Outdoors

Common Cannabis Strains To Grow Outdoors

Cannabis strains are often categorized by their indica/sativa ratio. Below are some of the most popular outdoor strains. They are classified as mostly sativa, mostly indica, or balanced. Let’s get started; Indica Strains Indica dominant strains tend to be shorter and bushier, with broad leaves. They are better suited for cooler climates and grow faster … Read more

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