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Loyalty Program


We celebrate our customers. And so, we have one of the best customer loyalty programs in the cannabis industry.

For your patronage, we reward you with Seed Points, which you can redeem at checkout.

What are Seed Points?

Seed points are your rewards for shopping and interacting with The Seed Connect.

What’s the worth of a Seed Point?

Each seed point is worth $0.2, that is, ten seed points = $2

Note: We ran promotions where points may be worth more.

How to view earned seed points?

To view your points, go to your account dashboard

On the top menu, hover over Account, then click My Account

On your account page, click My Seed Points

You should now see your seed points and the dollar equivalent of the points.


Seed Points

How to spend/use Seed Points

Spending points is as easy.

Once you are done shopping, you should see the option to redeem points on the checkout page.

Click the button Apply Seed Points

Note: To redeem points your billing email address should match the email address on your account.

Once you redeem points, scroll down to see the discount you got.

Note: Seed points redemption may be paused while there is a sale going on.

How many seed points can I redeem?

You can redeem seed points worth 25% of your order.

How do you earn Seed points?

Every time your purchase seeds, we reward you with seed points.

Can I exchange seed points for cash?

No, you can’t. Seed Points are only good at checkout.

However, we have a Referral program where you can earn up to 20% of every sale you drive to The Seed Connect.

Thank you for shopping with The Seed Connect.

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