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3 Kings Feminized Seeds



3 Kings πŸ‘‘: Sativa-dominant hybrid, earthy hash flavors, brings energetic focus & relaxation. Perfect for sparking creativity, treating pain, and inducing a feeling of happiness.

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πŸš€ High (THC) 15-20%

THC Content: Medium THC 15-20%
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Earthy, Fruity,
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Flowering Time:
70 days,

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Meet the royalty of cannabis strains, the 3 Kings. Boasting a lineage that combines the superior traits of the three legendary strains – Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, 3 Kings is an epitome of sativa-dominant power. It exhibits a 70:30 sativa/indica ratio, promising a cerebral high that promotes focus, energy, and a tranquil, blissful sensation.

3 Kings is a champion in treating a myriad of conditions. It’s ideal for those with cramps, depression, migraines, inflammation, chronic pain, and insomnia. Sporting an impressive THC level that peaks at 14% in some tests, this strain delivers a robust cerebral high. However, with its CBD levels falling below 1%, it might not be the first choice for those requiring high CBD levels.

This royalty among strains tantalizes your senses with an earthy, hash-like flavor profile, accompanied by a rich, pungent aroma that carries notes of pine and soil. The bud is an aesthetic delight, showcasing bright green hues, brown hairs, and a generous sprinkling of visible trichomes.

While 3 Kings does cause typical cannabis side effects such as cottonmouth and red eyes, its positive attributes make it well worth it. This remarkable strain is predominantly on the West Coast and in Arizona. Try 3 Kings feminized seeds for a growing experience fit for royalty and a truly divine high.


Reported Benefits of 3 kings weed


3 Kings, a Sativa-dominant strain, brings about an array of benefits for both recreational and medicinal users. Here are the reported benefits of this royal strain:

Recreational Benefits:

  1. Energetic and Focused High: 3 Kings is known for its cerebral effects that boost energy and heightened focus. This makes it ideal for daytime use when you need to be productive or engage in creative tasks.
  2. Relaxation and Happiness: Despite its energizing effects, this strain also induces deep relaxation and happiness, leading to a feeling of contentment and well-being.

Medicinal Benefits:

  1. Pain Relief: 3 Kings has alleviated chronic pain, migraines, and cramps, thanks to its potent THC levels.
  2. Mood Disorders: This strain has mood-enhancing properties, making it suitable for people suffering from depression or chronic stress.
  3. Inflammation: Some users have reported that 3 Kings can help reduce inflammation, a common cause of many medical conditions.
  4. Insomnia: Although it’s a Sativa-dominant strain, the relaxing effects of 3 Kings can help users struggling with insomnia to find restful sleep.

Please note, while 3 Kings has many reported benefits, effects can vary from person to person due to individual biochemistry. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before using cannabis for medical purposes.


How to germinate and best-growing conditions for 3 kings’ seeds


Learn the best way to germinate your seeds with our exclusive Step-by-Step Germination Guide.

Best Grow Conditions for 3 Kings:

  1. Climate: 3 Kings prefers a Mediterranean-like climate, with warm and consistent temperatures between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors.
  2. Soil: This strain thrives best in organic soil. Good drainage is essential to prevent waterlogging and root rot.
  3. Light: Like most cannabis strains, 3 Kings needs plenty of light. If you’re growing indoors, maintain an 18/6 light schedule during the vegetative stage and 12/12 during flowering.
  4. Watering: Avoid overwatering to prevent the risk of root rot. The soil should be allowed to dry out between watering.
  5. Pruning: Regular pruning can promote better air circulation and light penetration. Removing lower, non-productive branches will help the plant focus its energy on developing the main colas.
  6. Nutrients: A balanced cannabis nutrient solution will ensure your 3 Kings plants receive the right nutrition throughout their growth cycle.
  7. Harvest: The flowering time for 3 Kings is approximately 9-10 weeks. Look for the changing color of the pistils and trichomes to indicate when to harvest.

Remember, patience is vital during the growth cycle. Ensuring the right conditions will help you achieve a rewarding harvest of this royal strain.


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Additional information

Strain Type

Indica, Sativa

Seed Gender


Flowering Time

70 days


Earthy, Fruity, Spicy, Wine


Medium CBD 1-10%




Mediterranean, Sunny, Warm

Grower Experience

Experienced, Intermediate

Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors


Extremely Strong πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Indica/Sativa Ratio



Medium THC 15-20%


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