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Blunicorn Feminized Seeds



Blunicorn πŸ¦„: Enchanting Indica-dominant hybrid, combining flavors of sweet berries with hints of lavender and earthy pine. Provides a deep sense of tranquility, paired with an inspiring sense of creativity and positivity. Ideal for combating stress, depression, pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

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πŸš€ High (THC) 20-24%

THC Content: High THC 20-24%
Medium THC
High THC
Very High THC
Berry, Blueberry,
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Flowering Time:
8-12 weeks,

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Discover the enchanting effects and complex flavors of Blunicorn with our premium feminized seeds. A perfectly balanced hybrid, Blunicorn is born from the majestic cross of Blue Sherbert and Unicorn Poop, resulting in a strain that’s as mystical as its name suggests.

These seeds hold the promise of a THC content of around 20%, making them an ideal choice for cannabis enthusiasts at any experience level. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned user, the uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing effects of Blunicorn are sure to captivate. Many medical marijuana patients have found solace in Blunicorn’s calming properties, often choosing this strain for relief from symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and pain.

Blunicorn feminized seeds will lead you on a journey towards plants that burst with blueberry, berry, and mango flavors, creating an intriguing and delightful sensory experience. The dominant terpene, Limonene, brings a refreshing citrus twist, adding to the strain’s complex aroma profile.

These feminized seeds offer the convenience of growing predominantly female plants, maximizing your potential for high-yielding harvests. Elevate your cannabis garden with the magic of Blunicorn and experience the unique blend of enchanting effects and flavors.

Please remember to leave a strain review after you’ve had the opportunity to experience the Blunicorn magic, your insights help our community grow. As always, please check and follow local laws and regulations when growing cannabis.


Reported Benefits of Blunicorn Weed

Blunicorn is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that has been reported to offer several potential benefits:

  1. Uplifting Mood: Users have reported a significant mood elevation after consuming Blunicorn, with feelings of happiness and euphoria commonly experienced. This uplifting effect makes Blunicorn a popular choice for those dealing with mood disorders or simply seeking a positive mental boost.
  2. Relaxation: Despite its mood-enhancing effects, Blunicorn is also reported to provide a sense of deep relaxation. This calming effect can help users unwind, making it a suitable choice for evenings or times of stress.
  3. Pain Relief: Many users turn to Blunicorn for its potential pain-relieving properties. The strain’s balance of THC could contribute to reducing discomfort associated with chronic pain, headaches, and other similar conditions.
  4. Anxiety and Depression Relief: Given its reported uplifting and relaxing effects, Blunicorn is often chosen by users dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression. The strain’s potential to induce feelings of happiness and calm might provide temporary relief from these mental health conditions.
  5. Flavorful Experience: With dominant flavors of blueberry, berry, and mango, users enjoy a rich and unique sensory experience when consuming Blunicorn.

Remember, while these reported effects are common, they can vary by individual due to factors like dosage, tolerance, and personal body chemistry. Always start with a low dose and gradually increase it to understand how a new strain affects you.


How to germinate and best grow conditions for Blunicorn seeds

Growing Blunicorn from feminized seeds can be a rewarding experience. Learn the best way to germinate your seeds with our exclusive Step-by-Step Germination Guide.

Best Growing Conditions:

Blunicorn is a balanced hybrid that requires specific conditions to thrive.

  1. Light: Cannabis plants generally need plenty of light. If you’re growing indoors, a 600 to 1000 watt HPS or LED grow light is recommended for the best results. If you’re growing outdoors, choose a spot with plenty of daily sunlight.
  2. Temperature: Blunicorn prefers a mild to warm climate, ideally between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Temperatures should not drop dramatically during the night.
  3. Humidity: Cannabis plants prefer lower humidity, especially during the flowering stage. Try to keep the humidity below 50% to prevent mold and other issues.
  4. Soil: Use a well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. Ensure the pH is around 6.0-7.0 for soil grows. If you are growing hydroponically, maintain a pH of 5.5-6.5.
  5. Nutrients: Cannabis plants need a variety of nutrients to grow well. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K) are essential, along with micronutrients like Calcium and Magnesium. Use a cannabis-specific nutrient line for best results and follow the recommended dosage.
  6. Watering: Water your plants deeply but infrequently. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again to prevent overwatering and root rot.
  7. Pruning: Regular pruning can increase yields by allowing more light and air to reach the lower parts of the plant. However, be careful not to over-prune, which can stress the plant.
  8. Training Techniques: Techniques such as topping, low-stress training (LST), or screen of green (SCROG) can be used to increase the yield of your Blunicorn plants.

Remember to monitor your plants closely and adjust these conditions as necessary to ensure a healthy, high-yielding grow.

As always, growing cannabis is subject to laws and regulations, so please ensure you are familiar with the laws in your local area before beginning your cultivation journey.


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Additional information

Strain Type

Indica, Sativa

Seed Gender


Flowering Time

8-12 weeks


Berry, Blueberry, Mango


Medium CBD 1-10%




Mediterranean, Sunny, Warm

Grower Experience

Experienced, Intermediate

Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors


Extremely Strong πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Indica/Sativa Ratio



High THC 20-24%


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