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Buy Marijuana Seeds In Maine

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Maine

Cannabis Seeds In Maine

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Maine right here.

There are pros and cons to living in Maine; beautiful outdoor living, tasty and high-quality life, recreational cannabis, and harsh winter weather — the pros outweigh the cons.

More good news—the state of Maine allows growing cannabis seeds at home.

As you read on, you’ll learn the best ways to grow marijuana from seed, top-shelf seed strains, laws on cannabis in Maine.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Maine

Is marijuana legal in Maine?

Yes, it is. Maine is a sanctuary for cannabis lovers. Whether you have a medical condition or you just love having your garden, it is allowed to have a limited number of plants.

Below is a summary of the cannabis laws in Maine.

Cannabis laws in Maine

Summary of Maine’s Marijuana Legalization, Question 1

Personal use of marijuana: The initiative would allow any person 21 years of age or older to:

  • use, possess, or transport up to 2½ ounces of prepared marijuana;
  • transfer or furnish to another person who is 21 years of age or older, without payment of any kind, up to 2½ ounces of marijuana and up to 6 immature marijuana plants or seedlings;
  • possess, grow, cultivate, process, or transport up to 6 flowering marijuana plants, 12 immature plants, and an unlimited number of seedlings, and possess all the marijuana produced by these plants at the person’s residence;
  • purchase up to 2½ ounces of retail marijuana from a retail marijuana store;
  • purchase up to 12 seedlings or immature plants from a retail marijuana cultivation facility;
  • cultivate up to 6 flowering plants at the person’s residence, or on a property, the person owns or has written permission to use for this purpose; and
  • consume marijuana in a nonpublic place, including a private residence.

The term “nonpublic place” is not defined in the bill. The initiated bill does not repeal state criminal laws relating to marijuana but provides that personal use and other activities specifically authorized in the bill are nevertheless legal. Cultivation of marijuana for medical use would continue to be regulated under the existing medical marijuana law. Existing laws that restrict where people may smoke tobacco would also apply to smoking marijuana, though not to ingestion of marijuana and marijuana products by other means.

State licensing and regulation: The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (the “Department”) would become the state licensing authority and would be required to adopt rules within nine months. A state license would be required for any entity to locate or operate a “retail marijuana establishment” or “retail marijuana social club.” A retail marijuana social club means a facility that sells retail marijuana to consumers for consumption on the premises. A retail marijuana establishment includes the following facilities, all of which are prohibited from allowing consumption of retail marijuana or retail marijuana products on the premises:

  • a retail marijuana store, which sells retail marijuana and/or retail marijuana products to consumers;
  • a retail marijuana testing facility, which analyzes and certifies the potency of retail marijuana and retail marijuana products;
  • a retail marijuana cultivation facility, where retail marijuana is grown, prepared, and packaged; and
  • a retail marijuana manufacturing facility, where retail marijuana products are manufactured, prepared, and packaged.

The Department would be required to regulate the labeling and advertising of retail marijuana and retail marijuana products, including a prohibition on mass-market advertising campaigns that would “have a high likelihood of reaching persons under 21 years of age.”

Municipal authority: Local approval by the municipality where the applicant proposes to locate the facility would be required before the issuance of any state license. In addition, this initiative would authorize municipalities, within their jurisdictions, to:

  • prohibit the operation of retail marijuana establishments and retail marijuana social clubs;
  • restrict the number of retail marijuana stores in the municipality;
  • regulate the location and operation of retail marijuana establishments and social clubs; and
  • adopt and enforce regulations for retail marijuana establishments and social clubs, which are at least as restrictive as the state law and regulations and may include local licensing requirements.

Employment policies: The proposed law specifies that employers would not be required to allow or to accommodate the consumption, use, possession, sale, trade, display, or growing of marijuana in the workplace. Employers also could adopt and enforce policies restricting the use of marijuana by employees and could discipline employees who were under the influence of marijuana in the workplace.

If approved, this citizen-initiated legislation would take effect 30 days after the Governor proclaims the official results of the election.

Best Strains in Maine

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Maine

Is it hard to grow marijuana in Maine?

With the legalization of marijuana cultivation dealt with, you are left with the growing itself.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you need to know the different aspects surrounding the growth of your cannabis from seeds.

 Differences between outdoor Vs. indoor growing in Maine

Maine has cold, snowy winters and mild summers.

For outdoor growing, the climate of an area dictates when you can start sprouting your weed seeds— the best time is mid-May.

Outdoor growers should always know the local weather forecast to plant in time.

For indoor growers, you can plant your cannabis seeds all year.

Indoor growing

As winter sinks its claws on the outdoor gardens, the indoor grow operations thrive in a controlled environment.

Everything is set, so there is no excuse for the cannabis crop not to be fruitful.

The controls of temperature and humidity levels, the water (PH of 6-7), and grow lights have to be just right.

Indoor grow room plants have high levels of THC content which is hot selling on the cannabis market.

Using greenhouses has also become common in the state of Maine; they work just like indoor grow rooms but have a few tweaks to them.

Greenhouses run on little energy (electricity)

They provide shelter for outdoor grown crops on heavy rain days and during winter.

Most Popular weed strains in Maine

Those who live in Maine know how terrible the weather can get; winter or summer

So the seed strain you’ll choose as an outdoor grower must be able to take on this kind of weather; for indoor growers, just go ahead and pick one or two.

Each cannabis seed strain has a different ability; you should read this section to get the best choice for your garden.

They include; Auto flowers, Feminized seeds, Indica Seeds, and Sativas.

Auto-flowering seed strains in Maine

Autos are easy to be grown in or outdoors, hot or cold temperatures—they thrive.

They grow from seed to harvest quicker than any other strain.

They do well within temperatures of 21 degrees, the humidity of 50 to 60 percent during the vegetative state, and 40 percent during flowering.

Advantages of growing auto flower seeds

  1. Their genes can be cross-bred with Skunk, OG Kush, and Haze genetics.
  2. They are unaffected by temperature fluctuations, mishandling by beginners, pests, and diseases.
  3. They are quick to grow compared to other seed strains.
  4.  They are suitable for busy growers because they require few nutrients and little water uptake, and they are also easy on the pocket.

Top autoflowering cannabis seed strains in Maine

Feminized Cannabis seeds in Maine

Feminized seeds are bred to produce only female plants. Therefore, unlike other strains, you are sure of not finding any males in the harvested batch.

They have high levels of THC, matchless terpene profiles, and yields.

They can also do well both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of feminized cannabis seeds

  1. They eliminate the possibility of having any males during harvest.
  2. Female plants have more cannabinoid content than males, and they are bred for their potency and aroma.
  3. They produce only female plants.
  4. Purely feminized strains entirely depend on light throughout their plant life cycle. They are referred to as photoperiod strains.

Top feminized Marijuana seeds in Maine

Indica weed strains in Maine

Indicas give full body highs that help you feel relaxed.

They are supposed to be taken only in the evenings and on days with little physical activity.

Buy Indica Seeds in Maine

Sativa weed strains in Maine

Sativas give head highs that make you feel energized, which increases creativity and focus; It also helps reduce stress.

If you take it during evening hours, you’ll be awake all night.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds in Maine

You can buy marijuana seeds in Maine online from The Seed Connect.

Our seed bank has hundreds of cannabis strains, a lot more than what your local seed bank has in stock.

We guarantee that our seeds will germinate; we’ll replace every seed that doesn’t germinate.

We sell seeds from our shop in Tempe, Arizona, and ship to the following Maine Cities within 2-7 working days.

Portland Waterville Presque Isle Old Town Turner
Lewiston York Bath Caribou New Gloucester
Bangor Falmouth Freeport Belfast Bridgton
South Portland Kennebunk Skowhegan Rockland Camden
Auburn Wells Cumberland Eliot Paris
Biddeford Orono Ellsworth Fairfield Waldoboro
Scarborough Standish Buxton Lebanon Bar Harbor
Sanford Kittery Gray Hermon Norway
Brunswick Lisbon Berwick Oakland Sabattus
Westbrook Brewer Winslow Winthrop Harpswell
Saco Topsham Waterboro Houlton North Berwick
Augusta Cape Elizabeth Hampden Gardiner Bucksport
Windham Yarmouth Farmington Poland  
Gorham Old Orchard Beach South Berwick Rumford  

Issues to consider when growing marijuana seeds in Maine

As you plan to grow your cannabis seeds, you must know that it will not be an easy journey; you may hit a few roadblocks along the way.

These issues may not be news to those already in the cannabis game; Law enforcement, thieves, harsh weather, pests, and diseases.

For the newbies, it is important to take note of these and how you can protect your cannabis crop from them.

Law enforcement

Growing cannabis seeds can be easy on your side as long as you keep within the stated limit in the cannabis laws.

If you choose to defy those limits, you may have to answer to a judge or do time.

You can avoid these circumstances by keeping your mouth shut about your cannabis ventures.

You can also use carbon filters for your indoor grow rooms to remove that unforgiving smell that can draw the cops to your door.

Grow tents also help with the same.

Hedge them with high fences and camouflage your weed plants with tomatoes plants for outdoor gardens.


Maine may be a little old-fashioned, but it still has plenty of thieves.

If you leave your cannabis crop in the open, you may have nothing left at the end of the growing season.

Therefore, install security measures to deter thieves from your grow area; cameras, motion detection alarms for the indoors and the outdoors, high fences, and motion detection lights.

Harsh Weather

One of the cons we mentioned as we began this journey is that Maine has terrible weather. From snowstorms to floods, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms every year.

This, however, shouldn’t get you out of growing weed. All you need to do is keep the local forecast on at all times.

Outdoor growers should always be prepared for the high wind speeds with the necessary protective measures.

Pests and Diseases

Maine is a lovely state to stay in— even for bugs and molds.

The high moisture levels during the growing season are ideal for pests and bugs.

However, there are ways you can keep them at bay.

First, you will need to use pest and disease-resistant seed strains to prevent any potential outbreaks.

The next thing is that you should always apply organic pesticides or fungicides 2-3 times during the vegetative stage.

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Buy wholesale marijuana seeds at discounted prices from The Seed Connect.

Our seed catalog contains thousands of cannabis strains to satisfy your needs and preferences.

We have Auto flowers, Feminized and Regular marijuana seeds sold in bulk.

Every cannabis seed strain is available and comes in multiples of 100 seeds.

The price structure for wholesale marijuana seeds

Our prices are tailored so that the more you order the bigger your discount.

50-100 Seeds – 10% discount

100-500 seeds – you get a 20% discount

500+ seeds – you get a 30% discount.

Our wholesale cannabis seed collection

Regular Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Our regular marijuana seeds are as natural as Mother Nature intended them to be. They come in both female and male at the lowest prices.

Feminized Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Want only feminized wholesale marijuana seeds? We’ve got the best strains that are guaranteed to flower and deliver a good yield.

Auto-Flowering Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Our Auto Flowering Wholesale Marijuana Seeds are proven to have a higher germination rate and deliver the perfect yield.

Download our Wholesale Marijuana Seeds Catalogue Sept 2021

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