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Buy Marijuana Seeds In Nevada

Cannabis Seeds In Nevada

The state of Nevada is a great place to start your cannabis garden, and you can buy marijuana seeds in Nevada from here at MSC.

There is no need to gamble with the what’s and whatnots of top-shelf seed strains, grow tips, and regulatory rules; we can help you with that.

Most of what you need to learn is in this guide.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Nevada

Is marijuana legal in Nevada?

Yes, it is. Buying, possessing, and growing cannabis is very legal in Nevada.

All you have to do is stay within the required limit, and you’ll be ok to continue your endeavors.

If you need more assurance of the legal status of Nevada, read below.

Cannabis laws in Nevada

Summary of Nevada Marijuana Legalization, Question 2.

Marijuana users

Question 2 was designed to make lawful the purchase, possession, and consumption of one ounce or less of marijuana or one-eighth of an ounce or less of concentrated marijuana for individuals age 21 and over. The measure also permitted these individuals to grow up to six marijuana plants for personal use. It required cultivation to take place in an enclosed area with a lock.

Marijuana sellers

The measure authorized the operation of marijuana establishments. It authorized the Nevada Department of Taxation to regulate them. The measure mandated that for the first 18 months of licensing, the Department of Taxation would only accept license applications for marijuana stores, production facilities, and cultivation facilities from registered medical marijuana establishments. During the same time, only registered wholesale liquor dealers would be permitted to apply for marijuana distributor licenses.

Question 2 prohibited marijuana establishments within 1,000 feet of a school or 300 feet of a community facility. Question 2 also set limits on the number of retail marijuana stores permissible in each county based on the county’s population size. The measure provided the following limitations:

County population

Counties as of 2014

Number of retail stores

Greater than 700,000

Clark County

Up to 80

100,000 to 700,000

Washoe County

Up to 20

55,000 to 100,000


Up to 4

Less than 55,000

Carson City, Churchill County, Douglas County, Elko County, Esmeralda County, Eureka County, Humboldt County, Lander County, Lincoln County, Lyon County, Mineral County, Nye County, Pershing County, Storey County, White Pine County

Up to 2

Marijuana taxation

The measure imposed a 15 percent excise tax on marijuana sales by cultivation facilities. It mandated that annual licensing fees range from $3,300 to $30,000, depending on the type of license. Question 2 was designed to allocate revenue from the tax, licensing fees, and penalties first to the Department of Taxation and local governments to cover costs related to the measure, and then all remaining revenue to the State Distributive School Account.

Marijuana penalties

Question 2 permitted the government to enforce or implement policies prohibiting driving or operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana, selling or giving marijuana to someone under 21, possessing or using marijuana on the grounds of schools or the Nevada Department of Corrections, or allowing workplaces to ban marijuana use.

The initiative also established new penalties for cultivating marijuana within public view, smoking in a public place or moving vehicle, and providing marijuana to persons less than 21 years of age.

Best Strains in Nevada

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Nevada

Is it hard to grow marijuana in Nevada?

Cannabis seeds do well in warm temperatures but not too warm; the lower elevated areas of Nevada experience these temperatures.

The other parts of Nevada have desert and semi-arid climates.

It also has cold and dry winters, usually very cold after dark.

 As a cannabis cultivator, you must know when and how to plant your seeds to beat the heat in Nevada.

Difference between outdoor Vs Indoor growing

There is plenty of time for outdoor growers to sprout their cannabis seeds in Nevada.

The best time for you to plant your cannabis seeds in Nevada is between March and May, but March is most preferable, especially if you want several harvests.

Where you live also dictates when you can put your weed seeds in the ground.

Those who decide that outdoor growing is the best option must keep tabs on their local climate.

Indoor growing

Indoor growing is a reliable technique for growing cannabis seeds.

If you dread the heat in Nevada, indoor growing will put your mind at ease.

It is considered one of the most efficient and effective ways of growing marijuana seeds.

Indoor grow rooms provide a controlled environment for your cannabis seeds; proper controls of temperature and humidity levels, water with a PH OF 6-7, grow lights, and fresh air will determine your harvest yields.

With indoor growing, you are assured of high-quality yields, multiple harvests, privacy, and security for your cannabis seeds.

If you are still drawn to outdoor growing, greenhouses can be of great help; light control, energy conservation, weather, and climate control.

Greenhouses are cheaper than indoor grow rooms especially, with all the electricity costs.

They also provide shelter for your cannabis seeds during heavy rains.

Most Popular weed strains in Nevada

In Nevada, you can buy as many weed seeds as you like; the number you grow will depend on what the law says.

There are plenty of seeds strains to choose from; Auto flowers, Feminized seeds, Indica Seeds, and Sativas—each strain is unique in its abilities.

Auto-flowering seed strains in Nevada

Auto-flowering seed strains are very manageable; weed enthusiasts love them because they can grow in or outdoors.

They are also fast flowering; their buds fully develop within a matter of weeks.

Autos can also grow in areas with harsh climates; within temperatures of 21 degrees, the humidity of 50 to 60 percent during the vegetative state, and 40 percent during flowering.

Advantages of growing auto flower seeds

  1. They do well in areas with fluctuating temperatures, pests, and diseases. They are also a good strain to start with for beginners.
  2. Because of their size, they can be grown closely together in tight spaces.
  3. They are fast growers.
  4. Their need for fewer nutrients saves growers some money.
  5. Their genetics accept cross-breeding, that is with Skunk, OG Kush, and Haze genetics.
  6. They have a small root system; they intake little water (PH 6-7).

Top autoflowering cannabis seed strains in Nevada

Feminized Cannabis seeds in Nevada

When you use the feminized seed strain, you are sure of no male plants.

They also can be grown in or outdoors.

They have high levels of THC, matchless terpene profiles, and yields.

Advantages of feminized cannabis seeds

  1. They have a higher cannabinoid content than that of the males and they are bred for their potency and aroma.
  2. They produce strictly female plants.
  3. You cannot trace male plants in your female batch.
  4. The photoperiod strain of feminized seeds depends on light throughout the growing season.

Top feminized Marijuana seeds in Nevada

Indica weed strains in Nevada

Indicas induce calming and relaxing effects.

They are administered to patients who have a hard time sleeping or those with chronic pain.

If you are planning to have a long day of work with many tasks, stay away from this strain.

The best time you can take it is in the evenings.

Buy Indica Seeds in Nevada

Sativa weed strains in Nevada

Sativas are the direct opposite of Indicas.

They give you energy, increase creativity.

 You can take them during the day, especially if you want more social interaction and focus.

They are given to those with chronic fatigue or mental health issues.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds in Nevada

You can buy marijuana seeds in Nevada online from The Seed Connect.

Our seed bank has hundreds of cannabis strains, a lot more than what your local seed bank has in stock.

We guarantee that our seeds will germinate; we’ll replace every seed that doesn’t germinate.

We sell seeds from our shop in Tempe, Arizona, and ship to the following Nevada Cities within 2-7 working days.

Las Vegas Spring Valley Whitney Sun Valley Spring Creek
Henderson Sunrise Manor Pahrump Elko Boulder City
Reno Paradise Winchester Mesquite Gardnerville Ranchos
North Las Vegas Sparks Summerlin South Spanish Springs Cold Springs
Enterprise Carson City Fernley Dayton Incline Village

Issues to consider when growing marijuana in Nevada

In every cannabis garden, there are problems that you may encounter when you plant your weed seeds.

It would help if you acted fast before all your hard work came to nothing.

These issues include; Law enforcement, harsh weather, thieves, pests, and diseases

Yes, marijuana growing is legal in Nevada, but only the number of plants stated in the law. For as long as you are on that path, you’ll stay off the cops’ radar.

The next issue is the weather in Nevada. In the summer, the temperatures are sky-high; the t next day’s temperature is higher than the previous. Therefore, the seed strain you choose must be perfect for such temps.

Another issue you may have to deal with is thieves; they won’t mind taking your buds because they sell like hot cake. So lock up your cannabis garden and tell no one about your weed ventures.

The last and most common issue is pests and diseases—mold not so much as humidity levels are not high in Nevada. The pesky little creatures can cringe on your plants if you don’t take care of them from the beginning. Use a pest and disease-resistant seed strain or apply organic pesticides and fungicides to deal with them beforehand.

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Buy wholesale marijuana seeds at discounted prices from The Seed Connect.

Our seed catalog contains thousands of cannabis strains to satisfy your needs and preferences.

We have Auto flowers, Feminized and Regular marijuana seeds sold in bulk.

Every cannabis seed strain is available and comes in multiples of 100 seeds.

The price structure for wholesale marijuana seeds

Our prices are tailored so that the more you order the bigger your discount.

50-100 Seeds – 10% discount

100-500 seeds – you get a 20% discount

500+ seeds – you get a 30% discount.

Our wholesale cannabis seed collection

Regular Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Our regular marijuana seeds are as natural as Mother Nature intended them to be. They come in both female and male at the lowest prices.

Feminized Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Want only feminized wholesale marijuana seeds? We’ve got the best strains that are guaranteed to flower and deliver a good yield.

Auto-Flowering Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Our Auto Flowering Wholesale Marijuana Seeds are proven to have a higher germination rate and deliver the perfect yield.

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