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Buy Marijuana Seeds In New Mexico

Cannabis Seeds In New Mexico

Now is the best time to buy marijuana seeds in New Mexico.

It is now easy to grow weed seeds in the comfort of your home— the law is on your side.

There is no better place for you to start than with quality cannabis seeds from Marijuana Seed  Connect, an Arizona, USA seed bank.

 There is much more to discover as you keep reading; the legality of cannabis, how to grow cannabis seeds and the popular strains in New Mexico.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In New Mexico

Is marijuana legal in New Mexico?

Yes, it is. A long-awaited moment arrived with the Montana 1-190 Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2020)


The Montana House of Representatives introduced House Bill 701, which was voted on and passed into law.


This bill led to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Montana, and it also reduced the restriction of marijuana laws that were already in place.


For you to stay on the right side of the law, you must know what can keep you there.


Read along the laws stated below.

Cannabis laws in New Mexico

 New Mexico’s HB 2, The Cannabis Regulation Act summary;

  • Adults who are 21 and older will be allowed to:
  • possess, purchase, and give other adults up to two ounces of marijuana, up to 16 grams of concentrated marijuana, and 800 milligrams of edible cannabis;
  • cultivate up to six mature and six immature cannabis plants, with a maximum of 12 mature plants per household;
  • create cannabis-infused foods at home or perform extracts that do not involve volatile solvents;
  • possess greater amounts of cannabis, if it is stored in a locked space at the person’s residence that is not visible from public spaces; and
  • Possess, manufacture, and give away paraphernalia.

Cannabis Business Requirements and Regulations

  • The Cannabis Control Division will develop rules — which must be consistent with industry standards — on advertising, health, and safety, testing, labeling, and packaging, regarding additives (including banning nicotine), quality control, and environmental protections.
  • Packaging cannot be designed to appeal to minors and must be child-resistant. Warnings must be included on possible adverse events, along with the number for New Mexico’s poison control.
  • Advertising is banned on TV, radio, and mass transit, and other than to adults who opt-in or who subscribe to subscription-based media.
  • Advertising cannot use predatory marketing targeting minors, use cartoon characters, or mimic other brands.
  • The Division will develop rules for cannabis training and education programs.
  • The Division will provide a discount for retailers agreeing to accept micro businesses’ products on consignment.
  • Cannabis business employees must be 21 or older.

Medical Cannabis Provisions

  • Medical cannabis business regulation, other than patient registration, will move to the Cannabis Control Division.
  • Removes the provisions for personal production licenses for medical cannabis. (All adults 21+ will be allowed to cultivate without a specific license.)
  • The requirement that a patient’s first exam by a certifying practitioner must be in-person will be eliminated, allowing telemedicine for first and subsequent certifications.
  • Until December 31, 2022, 25% of monthly sales from cannabis businesses must be to registered patients, out-of-state patients, and caregivers.
  • Regulators will develop rules on requirements to reserve products for medical cannabis.


Local Control 

  • Municipalities and counties may:
  • “adopt time, place and manner rules” including “rules that reasonably limit the density of licenses and operating times consistent with neighborhood uses;” and
  • allow indoor and outdoor cannabis smoking and vaping in locations for those 21+ (unless they have a medical license).
  • Local jurisdictions may not:
  • “completely prohibit the operation of a licensee;”
  • prohibit the transportation of cannabis through the locality;
  • restrict signage at licensed cannabis businesses that identify them; or
  • prohibit home cultivation.

Taxation, Revenue Distribution, and Fees

  • A cannabis excise tax is levied on retail sales. It starts at 12% until July 1, 2025, and then increases by one percentage point per year, maxing out at 18% on July 1, 2030. The tax does not apply to any sales to registered patients, caregivers, or visiting patients from other states.
  • Cannabis server fees are no more than $35.

Employment Law

  • Employers may continue to enforce written zero-tolerance policies, including those that allow discipline or termination for a positive test for THC or its metabolites.

Prohibited Conduct and Penalties

  • Smoking cannabis in public is punishable by a $50 fine.
  • Possession in public of more than two ounces but less than eight ounces of cannabis, 16-65 grams of concentrates, and 800-3,299 milligrams of edibles carries up to 364 days in jail. Greater quantities are a felony.
  • Underage possession carries a penalty of four hours of community service or four-hour drug education and legal rights program.
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana remains illegal.

Law Enforcement Reporting and Expungement

  • A separate companion bill — SB 2 — provides for automatic expungement. It has been signed into law.


  • Cannabis-related contracts are enforceable.
  • Requires reporting by local police and sheriffs’ department on cannabis arrests and citations, with breakdowns by race, ethnicity, age, and gender.
  • Removes cannabis from drug scheduling under state law.

Best Strains in New Mexico

Growing Cannabis Seeds in New Mexico

Is it hard to grow marijuana in New Mexico


This section explains most of what you need to learn as a new grower in New Mexico.


The biggest hindrance would be the legality of cannabis growing, which was dealt with by Bill HB 2.


The other is the climate of New Mexico, and it is perfect for the growth of cannabis- the intense sun makes the planting and harvesting time more fruitful.


Let’s dive into the specifics of what it takes to grow cannabis seeds in New Mexico



Difference between indoor Vs. outdoor weed growing in New Mexico

New Mexico has vicious hot summers and very cold winters.

This cautions growers to plan early for their weed gardens; especially when you are sowing seeds because the cannabis plants have adequate time to grow and flower.

In warm regions like Hobbs, NM, you can plant your seeds mid- April but in cold areas, you may have to wait till mid-May.

So far all of the stated facts are for outdoor growing. Indoor growers can germinate their seeds anytime.

The germination phase is very critical. Make sure that your cannabis seeds have the right conditions to germinate from there on its undemanding.

One of the biggest reasons why growers decide either indoor or outdoor growing is the cannabis seed strain.

Most strains cannot handle the weather of New Mexico; those that can are major auto- flowers mostly because they are bred for harsh weather.


Indoor growing

Indoor growing is a go-to for most cannabis growers.


It is a guarantee for full returns in yield and profit if you provide the perfect conditions for your cannabis plants; the correct lighting, water quantity with the proper PH, temperature, and humidity levels.

Yield- the number of buds you harvest at the end of the plant-life cycle. Profit- after you have sold the harvest whether the cannabis or its products.

Indoor growing also does not come cheap. The perfection is very costly 20 times more than what you sell but it’s worth it.

Indoor growing produces high-quality cannabis, rich in THC.

THC is one of the most sought-after components by cannabis growers and lovers.

Most Popular weed strains in New Mexico

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you need to understand which seed strains are good and whether they can do well in New Mexico’s climate.

Having the right seed strain can give you an attainable goal- a vibrant and healthy crop.

If you are contemplating which seed strain to use, you can make up your mind with the following;

Auto-flowering weed seeds in New Mexico

Auto-flowering strains are bred to grow in harsh climates and to flower quicker than seed strains.

These autos are great beginner strains and are preferred by outdoor growers.

They also are small in size and have a smaller yield because of how fast they grow. However, this may be a small price to pay if you want to harvest in time for the winter.

On the bright side, autos can fit in tiny spaces, whether it’s a pot or grow area- so you can plant a number of them.

Top autoflowering cannabis seed strains in New Mexico

Feminized Cannabis seeds in New Mexico

The feminized cannabis seeds in New Mexico produce only female plants.

Feminized seeds are bred to have only female buds at the end of the harvest. You will not have to worry about throwing males from your garden.

Feminized seed strains are known for their high levels of THC, matchless terpene profiles, and yields.

Top feminized Marijuana seeds in New Mexico

Indica weed strains in New Mexico

If you have a lot of anxiety, the indica dominant option would be best for you.

Indica strains give a high that relaxes the body.

The growth of indica strains usually takes up to seven to nine weeks.

Buy Indica Seeds in New Mexico

Sativas give more head highs than the body- they focus more on the cerebral parts of the body.

The Sativa weed strain high effects give energy, increase creativity, uplift peoples’ mood, and give sharper focus.

Generally, what Sativa does is help with mental health issues.

It is also recommended to patients with chronic fatigue.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds in New Mexico

You can buy marijuana seeds in New Mexico online from The Seed Connect.

Our seed bank has hundreds of cannabis strains, a lot more than what your local seed bank has in stock.

We guarantee that our seeds will germinate; we’ll replace every seed that doesn’t germinate.

We sell seeds from our shop in Tempe, Arizona, and ship to the following New Mexico Cities within 2-7 working days.

AlbuquerqueEl Cerro Mission Navajo Columbus 
Las CrucesCrouch Mesa El Valle de Arroyo Seco Carnuel 
Rio RanchoRio Communities La Luz San Pablo 
Santa FePlacitas CDP Keeler Farm San Miguel 
RoswellKirtland AFB Picacho Hills Ponderosa Pine 
FarmingtonMeadow Lake San Felipe Pueblo Algodones 
HobbsHolloman AFB San Rafael Iyanbito 
ClovisBosque Farms Hatch Santa Ana Pueblo 
South ValleyLa Cienega Santa Clara Carrizozo 
CarlsbadMilan Berino Hernandez 
AlamogordoPeralta Thunder Mountain Santa Fe Foothills 
GallupVado Gamerco Logan 
Los LunasEl Cerro Estancia Chama 
Sunland ParkSandia Heights Upper Fruitland La Union 
ChaparralClayton Tano Road Mountainair 
DemingEunice Spencerville Cedar Hill 
Los AlamosCrownpoint Rio Rancho Estates Mesquite 
Las VegasSanta Rosa Tome Cedar Crest 
ArtesiaAgua Fria Waterflow Santa Clara Pueblo 
PortalesTularosa Sandia Knolls Chamita 
LovingtonUniversity Park La Huerta Cimarron 
North ValleyChimayo Radium Springs North Light Plant 
EspañolaWest Hammond Barton Tohatchi 
Silver CityCenter Point Taos Pueblo Zia Pueblo 
GrantsLa Mesilla El Rancho San Antonito CDP 
BernalilloRuidoso Downs Hurley Tesuque 
SocorroDulce Doña Ana Alamo 
AnthonySan Ysidro CDPHigh Rolls Peña Blanca 
CorralesBayard White Sands Indian Hills 
Socorro Boles AcresCapitan Sausal 
Ruidoso Santo Domingo Pueblo Church Rock Cuba 
Bloomfield Mesilla Fort Sumner McIntosh 
Belen Lordsburg Black Rock Cedar Grove 
Zuni Pueblo South River Atoka Ventura
Santa Teresa Jarales Talpa Tatum
Aztec Flora Vista Arenas Valley Glorieta 
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque Tres Arroyos Ohkay Owingeh Tortugas 
Edgewood Pojoaque Fairacres Prewitt 
Raton Ranchos de Taos Cañoncito Acomita Lake 
Taos La Plata Pecos San Jose CDP 
North Hobbs Thoreau Loving Laguna 
White Rock Angustura Skyline-Ganipa Angel Fire 
Truth or Consequences Valencia CDP Mesita San Ildefonso Pueblo
Eldorado at Santa Fe Jemez Pueblo Rock Springs La Puebla
Lee Acres Nambe Las Campanas Happy Valley 
Los Chaves Questa Mescalero Springer 
Paradise Hills Las Maravillas Twin Lakes Cloudcroft
Tucumcari Little Walnut Village Adelino Elephant Butte
Moriarty Jal Monterey Park Texico 
Arroyo Seco Cannon AFB Dexter Paraje

Issues to consider when Growing Marijuana Seeds In New Mexico


Apart from the legality of cannabis in New Mexico, how you consider the following issues will either lead you to success or failure in growing your cannabis.

These issues may emerge in your grow area at home; Law Enforcement, Thieves, harsh weather, pests, and diseases.

Take note of each issue and avoid any future distress.

Law Enforcement


Even with cannabis seeds being legal in New Mexico don’t go ahead and grow too much.


You can only grow up to six plants at home, more than that you’ll land in hot water with the cops.

Abide by the rules and you will not have any problems with the law.



Thieves are not doubtless everywhere, and New Mexico is no exception.



Put in mind that cannabis is very valuable-The thieves will rob you of your crop at any chance they get.


Remember not to anyone about your cannabis garden. Keep your plants out of sight, whether in or outdoors.


In addition to that, always have hidden surveillance or security systems in place for your garden

Inclement Weather


New Mexico may be considered a semi-arid area during the summer, but there are also sudden downpours of rain and lightning.


As a result of this, your cannabis plants outdoors may need shelter.


It also has short light periods and freezing temperatures in the winter; this is why most cannabis growers push to have either greenhouses or indoor grow rooms.

If you are an outdoor grower, plan for your garden.

Pests and Diseases

Lastly is the issue of pests and diseases.

No one likes to deal with pests and diseases. These pesky little creatures can give you a hard time, and controlling their multiplication can be an uphill battle.

The best way to deal with them is by always having the organic fungicides and pesticides or using a cannabis seed strain with pest and disease tolerance- you will have a dense harvest in all seasons.

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