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Buy cannabis seeds in Minot, North Dakota.

Since it’s difficult to find cannabis seeds in Minot, we recommend buying them online from an authentic seed bank.

You can legally purchase the marijuana seeds in Minot as a novelty item. The North Dakota laws only prohibit you from growing them.

There are numerous strains of pot seeds in Minot you can buy to add to your seed collection and we sell varieties of Regular, feminized and auto-flowering Minot cannabis seeds backed by germination guarantees.

Premimium Feminized Cannabis Strains

Perfect cannabis seeds to buy in Minot


As you consume marijuana, please take note of the strains you like because they are the best when choosing cannabis seeds in Minot to buy.


Regular cannabis seeds in Minot


You should know how to identify male from female plants to cultivate regular cannabis seeds in Minot because the seeds develop into male and female plants.

The females produce seed free buds when you discard the males early before pollination.



Feminized weed seeds in Minot


When you cultivate feminized cannabis seeds, you should be ready to water them, apply nutrients in their appropriate proportions, and have the correct light cycles depending on the growth stage.

The weed seeds produce female plants that start producing buds when you switch light cycles.



Auto flower marijuana seeds in Minot


Auto flowers bloom independently at maturity, eliminating the need to keep up with light schedules.

They are suitable weed seeds to grow because the plants they produce are resilient, adaptable and low maintenance.



Is cannabis legal in Minot?


North Dakota has strict marijuana laws prohibiting marijuana-related activities except for medical marijuana. 

No one is permitted to cultivate the cannabis seeds in Minot. 


Where can I buy cannabis seeds in Minot?


Look for online seed banks that offer a germination guarantee for the weed seeds

Seed Connect is a seed bank that breeds cannabis seeds in-house and then backs them with a germination guarantee.

You can track the pot seeds in transit when you shop with us.

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