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Buy cannabis seeds in Irmo, South Carolina.

Buy cannabis seeds in Irmo, South Carolina.

When you find strains of marijuana that fascinate you, note down their names to guide you the next time you buy cannabis seeds in Irmo. 

Though the name skips your mind, don’t worry about it. If you remember the characteristics of the strain, you can use them to sort and narrow your search till you find the seeds you are looking for.

What weed seeds can I buy in Irmo?


There are so many options of marijuana seeds to buy, and we explore those in stock in their respective categories of auto-flowering, feminized and regular pot seeds.


Regular pot seeds in Irmo


Regular cannabis seeds in Irmo are free of genetic modifications and offer the best genetics for breeding to come up with regular and feminized seeds.

For the feminized seeds, you breed females together, and for the regular, you breed male and female plants.



Feminized cannabis seeds in Irmo


Indoor cultivation of marijuana can be costly, and feminized cannabis seeds in Irmo ensure your investment is worthwhile by producing only female bud-producing plants.

You don’t waste resources raising plants that may turn out male.



Auto-flowering Pot Seeds in Irmo


Auto-flowering cannabis seeds in Irmo flower when they mature and don’t need you to switch light cycles to induce flowering.

The plants they produce are short and compact so that you can grow them indoors or outdoors in areas with limited spaces.



Is cannabis legal in Irmo?


The law deems any cannabis activity illegal in south Carolina, with heavy penalties for offenders.

It is, however, legal to buy the seeds.


Where can I shop weed seeds in Irmo?


Seed Connect sells marijuana seeds bred in-house to ensure they meet the viability tests.

We offer germination guarantees, and delivery is paramount.

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