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Cultivating your cannabis seeds in Palm Springs can be one of the hardest things to do right without proper guidance and knowledge.

If you have little experience in the garden and you wish to start growing your buds, The Seed Connect is the best place to get quality seeds and vast knowledge on cultivating marijuana.


Hot New Feminized Cannabis Strains

Is cannabis legal in Palm Springs?


California passed its recreational marijuana legalization in 2016, 20 years after first passing medical marijuana legalization in1996. Residents of the state of California who are over 21 years or older can now grow marijuana plants at home for their personal medical or recreational use.


Find high-quality cannabis seeds for sale in Palm Springs.


Get your high-quality weed seeds delivered fast when you order online from The seed connect today. We’re the best place to buy palm spring marijuana seeds online, with a huge selection of seeds in stock now for you to choose from. Choose from our feminized, auto-flower, and regular cannabis seeds.


Feminized weed seeds in Palm Springs


Amongst all types of cannabis seeds, feminized seeds are the most popular variety. Almost every grower in Europe (95%) uses them to grow cannabis, and there are good reasons why.

Firstly feminized cannabis seeds will only develop into female plants (99% of the time, anyway). This is important because only female plants develop good buds, while the male is not too useful. Said differently, with feminized cannabis seeds, you can grow weed without ever needing to worry about males popping up.



Auto-flower marijuana seeds in Palm Springs


Auto-flower cannabis seeds are seeds that move from the vegetative to the flowering stage on their own after 2-4 weeks of growth.

Growers don’t need to worry about switching the light schedule to initiate and maintain the flowering phase like they would if growing photoperiod cannabis.



Regular cannabis seeds in Palm Springs


Though the ‘regular’ cannabis seeds may sound a bit boring, the truth is that these marijuana seeds are anything but seeds that have not been genetically modified or altered in any way.

When you buy regular cannabis seeds you are accessing natural and pure genetics. At The Seed Connect, we hold one of the largest and most impressive selections of regular marijuana seeds available anywhere online.



How to buy weed seeds with The Seed Connect in Palm Springs?


Browse through our online catalog at The Seed Connect today. Make a selection of your seed strain choice, input your shipping details, and proceed to check out using our secure payment portal. Your seeds will reach your locations in the shortest time possible.


Why shop cannabis seeds with The Seed Connect in Palm Springs?


We guarantee our seeds will germinate. If they don’t we’ll replace them free of charge with our next order.

We also offer same-day or next-day shipping with a tracking number. And yes, free seeds and free US shipping for orders over $100. When you shop for new strains, you get 50% off. Shop now with us for a new experience.

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