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Buy Cannabis Seeds in San Francisco

Buy Cannabis Seeds in San Francisco

San Francisco is a commercial and financial center in Northern California with mixed cultures. The city has an eminent relationship with marijuana dating back to the ’80s with artists like Jim Morrison, who lived for the thrill of weed and called San Francisco home

Growers of cannabis seeds take advantage of the sunny weather to cultivate their cannabis, and the yields never disappoint

Smoke weed in the Golden Gate City and enjoy the rollercoaster ride as you witness seasons change all year.

Is it Legal to Cultivate Cannabis in San Francisco?

You can purchase pot seeds in San Francisco for as long as you are 21 years and above. The law also allows you to cultivate a maximum of 6 weed plants.

The law permits you to smoke publically at festivals, especially the yearly music festivals at Golden Gate Park.

The law, however, prohibits individuals from selling cannabis for profit.

What Cannabis Seeds can I Cultivate in San Francisco?

Cultivating cannabis seeds outdoors in Bakersfield is a rewarding experience because the law allows you to do that. Second, Bakersfield is also characterized by the California sunshine, which is significant for flourishing weed plants.

Below we group the pot seeds into categories and explore how to grow each.

Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flower seeds are easy to grow, and they bloom automatically with or without light. I recommend them for beginners and people who want multiple harvests a year because auto-flowers have a 7-13 weeks short flowering period.

So you harvest every three months

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds solve the puzzle giving seeds that grow into the female plan, which produce the sticky, resinous buds every cannabis grower looks forward to. You save time and money growing the wrong seeds.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds grow into either male or female plants. Takes precautions of gender predictability to ensure you are growing the gender of cannabis plants that you want

If you are after the buds, separate your male and female plants, or else the female gets pollinated, and you end up with a garden full of seeds.

Where can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in San Francisco?

You can either choose the long route of looking for a seed bank, buy seeds and trust they are viable, or you can simply purchase cannabis Seeds here with us at The Seed Connect. Please choose from the variety of seeds we offer and place your order online.

Expect your seeds in 2-5 business days.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in San Francisco

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