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Buy cannabis seeds in Walnut, CA.

Buy cannabis seeds in Walnut, CA.

Live like your favorite celebrities.

Grow cannabis seeds in Walnut and have these potent THC-rich buds to give you a feel of the ‘Cool West Coast Vibe’ lifestyle that your celebrities live high on their favorite cannabis strains like Wiz Khalifa.

Are pot seeds legal in Walnut?

Initially, only medicinal cannabis was legal in Walnut, but in 2016, thanks to the marijuana activists, the law in California legalized recreational cannabis, and Walnut enjoys those benefits of the law.

What weed seeds can I buy in Walnut?

With The Seed Connect, you can’t run out of what pot seeds to buy because we avail you with all weed seeds on the market, including the latest strains below

Regular pot seeds in Walnut

The flower is under a 12-hour light schedule to give male and female plants.

You can harvest seeds by pollinating the females with pollen or harvest buds by separating the males from the females before pollination.

Feminized cannabis seeds in Walnut

Weed buds are the center of the cannabis world, and feminized marijuana seeds guarantee female plants which only yield sticky, resinous THC-laden buds with a high terpene profile.

Auto-flowering Pot Seeds in Walnut

Auto-flowering weed seeds have so many strains, and each has unique qualities. Some are resistant to extreme conditions and can even survive in winter

One thing is for sure. They flower when they mature and don’t require a change in light cycles to flower.

However, expose your plants to sunlight and harvest better quality fat potent buds.

Why shop weed seeds with The Seed Connect?

When you buy weed seeds from The Seed Connect, you are sure your seeds will germinate because we breed and test them in-house to ensure they meet the standards.

We back all our seeds with a germination guarantee and freely replace them in the unlikely event they don’t germinate.

We also provide safe, discrete delivery of the weed seeds to your location in 2-5 business days.

Marijuana seeds in Walnut, California.

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