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Seed Connect - USA Cannabis seeds
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If you buy cannabis seeds in Ossining Village, New York, get strains from a reliable source.

At The Seed Connect, we esteem our customer’s weed needs with our premium marijuana strains that we ship to your front door.

Our seeds have assured genetics and a germination guarantee.

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Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Is it legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ossining Village?


New York’s laws on marijuana permit persons 21 years and older to grow up to six marijuana plants.

A household can only grow a maximum of twelve plants.


What Cannabis Strains should I Buy in Ossining Village?


All cannabis has a purpose, some just to dub, others are edibles; whatever reason you need a cannabis seed, we can find a strain that suits you.

We’ve listed a variety of weed seeds in their respective categories below;


Auto-flowering Weed Seeds in Ossining Village


When you grow your Auto-flowering weed seeds in Ossining Village, just like their name, they flower automatically.

After seven weeks, the plants from these seeds are ready for harvest.



Regular Cannabis Seeds in Ossining Village


Regular seeds pop both male and female seeds.

The Seed Connect sells regulars with a 50-75% feminization rate.



Feminized Pot Seeds in Ossining Village


If you choose to grow Feminized pot seeds in Ossining Village, you must be ready to create the right growing conditions for you to get dense buds.

These ladies produce buds with high CBD, THC levels, matchless terpenes, and exquisite flavors at optimal temperatures.



Where can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ossining Village?


The Seed Connect has all the strains you are looking for, including a 50% discount on new strains.

Your package will arrive in Ossining Village within 2-7 days.


Why Buy Seeds with The Seed Connect?


Our seeds have a fast- germination rate, and we replace those that fail to germinate.

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We cover shipping costs for orders worth $100 and more.

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