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Whoever wants to grow weed in this state must have a Medical Cannabis licenses or card.

If you do and seek to buy Marijuana Seeds In Oklahoma then read on to learn more of the progressive laws, grow tips, and top-shelf cannabis seeds

Buy Top Marijuana Seeds In Oklahoma

Is marijuana legal in Oklahoma?


In Oklahoma, the growing and use of marijuana are legal only for medical use.

The enacting of the medical cannabis laws in Oklahoma came after a lot of opposition from law enforcement, business, faith, and political leaders.

Below is a summary of the laws surrounding medical marijuana use in Oklahoma.

Most Popular Seed Strains In Oklahoma

As an outdoor grower in Oklahoma, there are many things to consider before choosing a seed strain, for indoor growers the list is endless.

For an outdoor grower, you must choose a strain that can take on Oklahoma’s weather or that which can reach harvest quickly.

This section will help show you which cannabis seed strains can work well in your garden.

There is a wide variety to pick from; Auto flowers, Feminized seeds, Indica Seeds, and Sativas.


Buy Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds In Oklahoma


With the constant change in Oklahoma’s weather, this seed strain will work for any outdoor grower because they grow faster than any other seed strain.

They can also grow indoors.

Autos grow within temperatures of 210 and humidity of 50 to 60 percent during the vegetative stage and 40% during the flowering stage.

Advantages of growing auto flower seeds

  1. They can withstand all temperatures, pests, and diseases. They are also perfect for beginners and busy growers.
  2. They grow faster than any other seed strain.
  3. They require less attention because they require fewer nutrients and little water (PH 6-7) throughout the plant life cycle.
  4.  Their genetics accept cross-breeding, that is with Skunk, OG Kush, and Haze genetics.

Buy Feminized Cannabis seeds in Oklahoma

If you are looking to harvest only female plants, this seed strain will do that for you.

You will not have to worry about removing males during your harvest.


Feminized seed strains have high levels of THC, matchless terpene profiles, and yields.

They can also be grown in or outdoors.

Advantages of feminized cannabis seeds

  1. They produce strictly female plants.
  2. The cannabinoid content in females is more than that in males. They are also bred for their aromas and potency.
  3. There is no need to get worked up about male plants; you won’t find them in your harvested batch.
  4. Photoperiod seed strains are those which are purely feminized strains; they entirely depend on light.

Buy Regular Cannabis seeds in Vermont

Regular cannabis seeds are an original form of cannabis seeds with pure genes free from artificial modification

They give rise to an equal chance of attaining both male and female cannabis plants; once you breed them, they give rise to a new generation of pot seed strains of high quality.

These pot seeds are resilient to pests and diseases and are cheaper than feminized seeds.

Buy Indica weed seeds in Oklahoma

Indicas are majorly used for medical purposes.

They are prescribed to patients who have difficulty with sleeping, chronic pain, and anxiety; they relax the body muscles.

Indicas are only for evening use and for days where there is little activity.

Buy Sativa weed seeds in Oklahoma

Sativas are also used for medical purposes; they differ from Indicas because of the effects they give.

They are a therapeutic weed strain; they deal with the mental health of individuals; mood disorders and chronic fatigue.

The high from Sativas makes its consumers creative, focused, motivated, excited, and gives energy.

Don’t dare to take in the evening unless you are planning to stay awake the whole night.

Where to buy marijuana seeds in Oklahoma

You can buy quality cannabis seeds in Washington online from the Seed Connect. We are a US seed bank based in Tempe, Arizona.

We provide fast and tracked shipping to all cities in Oklahoma. Orders typically arrive in 2-7 working days. Some of the Cities we’ve shipped to.

Oklahoma City Owasso Sapulpa Ada Guthrie
Tulsa Bartlesville Del City Tahlequah Warr Acres
Norman Muskogee Bethany Chickasha Coweta
Broken Arrow Shawnee Mustang Glenpool The Village
Edmond Bixby Sand Springs Miami Pryor Creek
Lawton Jenks Claremore Guymon Blanchard
Moore Ardmore Altus Choctaw Poteau
Midwest City Ponca City Durant Woodward Clinton
Enid Yukon McAlester Weatherford Sallisaw
Stillwater Duncan El Reno Elk City
Okmulgee Newcastle

Cannabis laws in Oklahoma


Who can buy and use marijuana in Oklahoma?


Summary of Oklahoma’s Cannabis Laws


Oklahoma’s marijuana laws continue to evolve as the medical marijuana industry grows to new heights in the state. Most of the 2021 changes, so far, have introduced stricter regulation on the growing and selling of medical marijuana:

  • The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) implements a seed-to-sale monitoring system, tracking each marijuana plant and package from the farm to the point of sale.
  • OMMA is also implementing a quality assurance program so that every package sold to customers will be up to standards set by the state.
  • House Bill 2272 was recently passed in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is considered the Senate. This bill would cap the number of commercial licenses that OMMA can distribute to combat organized crime from dominating the industry.

For the most part, these changes will not affect the legality of possession and usage for the average Oklahoman. There is some discussion in the House of legalizing recreational marijuana via a state-wide referendum. However, the bill that would introduce that referendum, HB 1961, is still being discussed in committee.

2020 UPDATE of Oklahomas Marijuana Laws: 

Oklahoma has changed some of its policies regarding marijuana possession and usage (Bill HB 26126 signed in March 2019) since this blog was initially posted. Citizens of Oklahoma with a medical marijuana license are permitted to have the following:

  • Up to 8 ounces of marijuana at home
  • Up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person
  • Up to 1 ounce of concentrated marijuana
  • Up to 72 ounces of edible marijuana
  • Up to 6 mature marijuana plants
  • Up to 6 plants

However, without a medical marijuana license, possessing more than 1.5 ounces of herbal cannabis will still lead to a misdemeanor charge (with the penalty of a fine but no jail time).

The consumption of marijuana is legal in the home but illegal in public places. It is unlawful to drive under the influence of marijuana. Still, Oklahoma residents with a medical marijuana license can go with the marijuana in their car (closed and out of reach from the driver) if they do not cross state lines.



Oklahoma’s current marijuana laws are pretty different from those in some blue states and our Canadian neighbors to the north. Location matters just as much as the other facts of the situation when determining whether using marijuana is legal. Unfortunately, Oklahomans face comparably harsh penalties for using marijuana in the Sooner State.

Oklahoma’s Marijuana Laws

Oklahoma has legalized medical marijuana for those with certain medical conditions.  However, there are plenty of questions about how the medical marijuana program will be implemented. The sad truth is Oklahoma law enforcement has not taken action to simplify the legality surrounding marijuana.  The confusion surrounding Oklahoma’s marijuana laws has spurred numerous meetings between state law enforcement and state lawmakers.

At the moment, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana rules state an individual without a state license will be subjected to a minimum of a $400 fine if they have1.5 ounces or less of cannabis.   However, if the individual in question does not have a medical condition that allows for the use of marijuana, the penalties will be substantially worse. It is exciting to note Oklahoma has a specific law that decriminalizes the possession of low-level drugs.  This is precisely why Oklahoma law enforcers are a bit confounded about which rules should be followed. Some state police officers have stated they can rely on old laws to legally arrest those who possess marijuana without the state’s medical license. This means it is up to the law enforcement agencies to either arrest an individual caught with marijuana or let the matter go with a mere fine.

The Specifics of the Sooner State’s Marijuana Laws

The Sooner State recently altered its marijuana laws with the passage of Sta.  The new rules apply lower misdemeanor charges for drug possession. If an individual is found with 1.5 ounces or less of medical cannabis, $400 is the maximum fine they will face.  There is no jail time for those found with 1.5 ounces or less of this variety of marijuana. It is even possible to file an appeal to have prior marijuana convictions altered to reflect the new rules.  Though marijuana laws have changed, it is still illegal for Oklahomans to possess or grow medical marijuana without the appropriate license.

Those approved for medical marijuana use in Oklahoma o certain CBD products.  State lawmakers wrote the new marijuana rule to be CBD-specific. This means patients who qualify for CBD products will be able to use marijuana to treat their condition as long as the CBD product does not have more than 3/10 of a single percentage of THC.  THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana.

What Oklahoma’s Law States About Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana

According to H.B. 1441, an individual who has a Schedule 1 controlled or chemical substance in their body when driving a motor vehicle will be jailed for a minimum of 10 days and upwards of an entire year or longer.  Unfortunately, marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug. If an individual is found guilty of operating a motor vehicle a second time while under the influence of marijuana, the sentencing will be even longer.

Some of those found guilty of crimes related to marijuana charges will lose more than their weed.  Oklahoma would allow for any property or vehicles to be seized if they were involved in the costs of marijuana.  Furthermore, it is possible for those convicted of cannabis-related crimes to have their driver’s license suspended for upwards of three years.

Recreational Cannabis in Oklahoma

At the moment, Oklahoma does not permit the use of recreational cannabis.  Though cannabis laws are changing in some states, Oklahoma still limits cannabis consumption some medical issues.  Thanks to State Question 7890 that went into effect in July of 2017, all marijuana charges in the state of Oklahoma are misdemeanor charges.  It does not matter if the individual in question has a single marijuana offense or dozens of marijuana offenses; the possession charge will remain as a misdemeanor.

Furthermore, Oklahoma has a tax stamp law for those found with cannabis.  Those in possession of illegal marijuana are forced to buy a stamp issued by the soma.  This stamp is placed on the contraband. The per gram tax stamp rate is currently $3.50. Those who do not comply with the tax stamp law will face 200 times as severe as the tax stamp rate.

Growing Marijuana Seeds In Oklahoma


Is it hard to grow marijuana in Oklahoma?


If you are eager to grow your cannabis seeds in Oklahoma, you must consider essential aspects of where and how you want your cannabis to be planted.

Based on the climate of Oklahoma, you must know the best time to pop your weed seeds in the ground.


Differences between outdoor Vs indoor growing in Oklahoma


Oklahoma has scorching summers, cold winters, and very high humidity levels.

It also has a series of tornadoes that strike between April and June.

Therefore, as an outdoor grower, the best time for you to plant your weed seeds is late April or mid-May.

For those who live in areas with recurring tornadoes—always keep your ears to the ground to safeguard your cannabis crop.

For indoor growing, the cannabis seeds can be sprout at any time.


Indoor growing



Indoor grow rooms are exceptional compared to the outdoors; they are dependable for the right conditions for your cannabis crop throughout the plant’s life cycle.

You can have the correct temperature and humidity levels, water levels (PH of 6-7), and grow light intensity levels with the proper control equipment.

The product from indoor grow rooms is first-class; the cannabis plants produce high levels of THC, which sell like hot cakes on the cannabis market.

A more conservative way of growing cannabis crops is by using greenhouses.

In greenhouses, a cannabis grower can plant throughout the year outdoors.

It is less expensive than indoor grow rooms and produces comparable cannabis plant quality.

Issues To Consider When Growing Marijuana In Oklahoma

If you think about the consistent tornadoes in Oklahoma, you may change your mind about growing cannabis seeds.

However, don’t get worked up about it; A solution will always present itself wherever there is a problem.

Alongside the tornadoes, you may need to pay attention to; law enforcement, thieves, harsh weather, pests, and diseases.


Law Enforcement


Recreational marijuana is not legal in Oklahoma, so there may not be a way back if you choose to go down the road.

The cops will be on your trail if you don’t keep a low profile on your cannabis garden.

Use carbon filters to keep out nosy neighbors; the smell from the cannabis can be insufferable.



Oklahoma has quite many thieves, each champing at the bit to take your cannabis crop.

In light of this matter, keep watch over your weed garden.

Install cameras and motion detectors for your indoor grow areas.

For the outdoors, high fences or motion-detector floodlights.

Moreover, keep your cannabis growing to yourself.


Harsh Weather


Earlier on, we had scratched the surface about the frequent tornadoes in Oklahoma and a series of events following, like ultra-hot summers then bone-chilling winters.

For an outdoor grower, you must know when it is best to sprout your weed seeds; these seed strains should be able to take on high winds, humidity, heat, and cold.

The best choice is fast-flowering cannabis seed strains.


Pest and Diseases


Oklahoma has high humidity levels, which are not suitable for many cannabis seed strains.

These humidity levels are also a perfect breeding ground for, pests and diseases.

Therefore, new outdoor growers should consider using pest and disease- resistant seed strains

You can also apply organic fungicides and pesticides to your cannabis crop 2-3 times during the vegetative phase.

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