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Best cannabis strains for pain relief

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Best Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief

With the wave of legalization of cannabis stronger than ever before worldwide, more and more people are becoming aware of the plant’s other abilities and uses besides the traditional high feeling gotten from consuming it. Many people are having their eyes opened to the medicinal benefits of this plant and its other applications to a mundane lifestyle. Cannabis is used for medicinal purposes for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Today we focus on cannabis for easing pain or sometimes inducing numbness. Cannabis is used for very many things, one of the most. Important is its ability to help users combat pain. Like any other pain killer, cannabis has side effects, but they are not as intense as your everyday pain killer. With cannabis, there is little to no risk of addiction and damage to internal organs.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is the form of pain that lasts for weeks or even years. Like any other form of pain, it is uncomfortable. Dysfunctional or inflamed nerves cause it in the body. Treatments for this pain initially included prescribed medication, electrical stimulation, and cognitive behavioral therapy or surgery. However, much medical personnel opts for cannabis to treat this form of pain. This is because many patients that have tried cannabis medication have reported extreme levels of success when using cannabis to ease pain. Statistics show that by estimate, about one in five people, or a total of 1.5 billion people, suffer from the undesirable condition that is chronic pain. Furthermore, the occurrence of this disorder increases with age. 

How cannabis relieves pain.

Cannabis helps deal with chronic pain temporarily by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors. This, in turn, reduces pain signaling and reception. The anti-inflammatory abilities of cannabis also help people dealing with chronic pain stemming from inflammation somewhere within the system. A compound in cannabis, CBD, also helps stimulate an immune response and diminish or significantly reduce pro-inflammatory proteins in the body that are responsible for signaling pain.

Best strains for pain relief

Strains high in CBD are widely known to be the best for the medicinal use of marijuana. However, many patients using marijuana for pain relief report getting better results when using strains that have an almost equal balance of THC and CBD. You can also blame the pain-curbing abilities of cannabis on one of the terpenes found in cannabis and other oils, caryophyllene. To research, this terpene is a factor that helps reduce pain when using cannabis.

This, therefore, means that the best strains for dealing with chronic pain exist in sativas, indicas, and most definitely hybrids. Patients, therefore, have a big pool to choose from depending on what’s most comfortable.

Listed and explained below are some of the best strains for pain relief.

White Widow

This strain of cannabis is an indica dominant strain that is popular for its sedative and couch-lock effects like many other indicas. It is not a very potent strain because of its high CBD content, but it is one of the most effective strains for pain relief. 

Aside from its pain-curbing abilities, this strain is used widely for medicinal purposes, especially for people dealing with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Find this strain here.


This is one of the oldest cannabis strains that has been in circulation since the time of the memorial. It is an indica dominant hybrid made by crossing Purple Thai and Thai. It has THC levels of 20% and CBD levels of up to 80%. 

It is effective for pain relief and is also used for other health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. In addition, it induces a calm and relaxed sensation when consumed, which means you can also use it for recreational purposes. Find this strain here.

Northern Lights

This is another indica dominant strain with THC levels of 20% and CBD levels of up to 80%. It is a popular, award-winning strain known for its pain relief abilities and a high associated with calmness. In addition, it has body-numbing effects, making it a go-to strain for pain relief.

Northern lights also induce a couch-lock feeling like many indicas. However, after consumption, users report feeling relaxed and distracted, which can help them forget about their pain when the effects last. Find and shop this potent strain here.

Blue Dream

This is one of the Sativa dominant strains used for pain relief. It is a hybrid made by crossing the Blueberry and Original Haze strains of cannabis. It has a high associated with feelings of happiness, euphoria, and energy.

This strain won’t leave you couch-locked but will instead have you feeling energized and raging to go. It is used widely for medicinal purposes since it helps with chronic pain relief, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and lack of appetite. Talk about being a multipurpose strain. Find this strain here.

OG Kush

This is used mainly for sleep problems or insomnia, although it is also known to combat pain. It is a very potent strain, and users are advised to seek medical prescriptions before use. Because of its heavy head-hitting effects, users with pain drift off to sleep after consumption and therefore sleep through their pain.

Final thoughts on using cannabis for pain relief.

When using cannabis for medicinal purposes or to deal with chronic pain, it is essential to note and remember that different patients have different forms of pain, tolerance levels, and biological build. That means cannabis doses are, in most cases, personal, and you should therefore avoid using another’s prescription.

It is relatively difficult to identify the most effective strains for pain relief, which is why this article only shares five strains. Cannabis affects everyone differently, and it’s only the landrace strains that share effects on users. Users should, however, remember that while cannabis use might not have life-threatening side effects as compared to your everyday painkillers, the risk is still present.

Listed below are some of the side effects that come with using marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

  • Dependence and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Impaired reaction.
  • Loss of concentration and focus
  • Memory issues
  • Addiction, although this is a rare occurrence, is shown here.
  • Breathing and lung problems

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