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Marijuana Night Sweats Relief: Discovering the Best Strains for Your Symptoms

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Restoring Rest With Cannabis

Marijuana’s potential in managing medical conditions has garnered significant attention, with research now exploring its effects on night sweats—a troublesome symptom for many. Night sweats, characterized by excessive sweating during sleep, can be disruptive and lead to discomfort and disturbed sleep patterns.

A case report in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research highlighted marijuana’s role in addressing night sweats, sparking curiosity around its efficacy and the specifics of how different strains might contribute to relief. This examination into marijuana night sweats opens a discussion not only on its therapeutic potential but also on understanding the underlying mechanisms at play.

The exploration of marijuana for night sweats leads to a detailed investigation of Indica and Sativa strains, each reputed for their unique effects on the body and mind. While Indica strains are often associated with relaxation and sedative qualities beneficial for sleep and thus potentially alleviating night sweats, Sativa strains could impact energy levels and alertness, requiring a nuanced approach to their use in managing night sweats.

This article aims to dissect these relationships, examining the role of CBD, THC, and personal anecdotal evidence in navigating the complex landscape of marijuana and night sweats. While various treatments are available, emerging research suggests that cannabis strains may offer potential therapeutic benefits in managing night sweats.

However, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before considering cannabis as a treatment option.

Understanding Night Sweats

Night sweats, medically known as sleep hyperhidrosis, involve excessive sweating during sleep, significantly affecting comfort and sleep quality. This condition is not merely about being a little warm during the night; it involves drenching sweats that soak sleepwear and bedding, and it can be a symptom of various underlying health issues 3.

Common Causes of Night Sweats

  1. Medical Conditions: Several health conditions are known to trigger night sweats. These include, but are not limited to, infections like tuberculosis, autoimmune disorders, and serious chronic conditions like cancer and HIV/AIDS 5.
  2. Medications: Many medications have night sweats as a side effect. These include antidepressants, drugs used in hormone therapy, hypoglycemic agents, and medications prescribed for high blood pressure 46.
  3. Substance Use: Alcohol and certain drugs can increase the body’s core temperature and heart rate, leading to night sweats 5.
  4. Environmental and Lifestyle Factors: Overheating due to heavy bedding or warm sleep environments and lifestyle habits such as consuming spicy food before bedtime can contribute to night sweats 5.

Health Implications and Management

  • Impact on Quality of Life: Persistent night sweats can lead to significant discomfort, sleep disturbances, and stress, impacting overall health and quality of life 2.
  • Management Strategies: Addressing underlying health issues is paramount. Adjusting room temperature, using breathable bedding, and modifying nightwear are practical steps to manage the symptom 5.
  • Medical Consultation: It is crucial for individuals experiencing frequent night sweats to consult healthcare providers to investigate potential underlying causes and appropriate treatments 3.

Night sweats can also be indicative of hormonal imbalances, such as those occurring during menopause or as a result of endocrine disorders like hyperthyroidism 6. Understanding these triggers is essential for effective management and improving patient outcomes.

Marijuana Night Sweats Treatment

Cannabis contains cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, which interact with the endocannabinoid system and are known to play a role in thermoregulation. Indica and sativa strains may help regulate body temperature, potentially reducing night sweats.

Cannabis strains, particularly indica, are known for their calming and sedating effects. They can promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Night sweats can be triggered or exacerbated by stress and anxiety, and indica strains may help manage these factors, leading to improved sleep quality.

Indica Strains for Night Sweats

Indica strains are widely recognized for their calming and relaxing effects, which can particularly benefit individuals experiencing night sweats. These strains tend to promote relaxation, reduce stress levels, and improve sleep quality, potentially aiding in the management of night sweats 10.

  1. Northern Lights: Known for its relaxing effects, Northern Lights is a 90% indica strain that helps improve sleep quality and manage stress, with a THC content of up to 18%.
  2. Granddaddy Purple: This strain has a high CBD content that stimulates the endocannabinoid system, ideal for evening use to help relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a 100% indica strain with a deeply relaxing high and up to 23% THC.
  3. Bubba Kush: Popular for its powerful sedative and relaxing effects, Bubba Kush provides substantial evening relaxation and sleep enhancement 9.
  4. Girl Scout Cookies: A hybrid strain with a soothing body high, it helps melt away stress and tension, inducing a blissful and euphoric state 9.
  5. Pink Kush: Known for its potent sedative effects, Pink Kush helps alleviate stress and promote tranquility 9.
  6. Purple Kush and Hindu Kush: Both strains are predominantly indica, with Purple Kush inducing a profound chill experience and Hindu Kush known for its strong sedative effect, promoting peaceful sleep 9.
  7. Cherry Pie: A hybrid strain leaning towards Indica, it offers calming effects that aid with daily stress and induce deep relaxation and peaceful sleep 9.

Research has shown that predominant indica strains like these are effective in reducing insomnia symptoms more significantly than CBD strains and predominant sativa strains 12. This suggests that indica strains help with sleep and might also effectively alleviate night sweats 8.

Sativa Strains and Sleep

Sativa strains are generally recognized for their energizing effects, which include promoting alertness, euphoria, motivation, focus, and energy 13. This distinctive impact is primarily due to their high THC and low CBD concentrations, setting them apart from the more sedative indica strains 13. Interestingly, while sativas are typically associated with increased energy, excessive consumption or high THC levels can paradoxically lead to sleepiness, particularly for those unaccustomed to such concentrations 13.

Understanding the Biphasic Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis exhibits biphasic responses; it can have one effect at low doses and the opposite at high doses. For instance, lower doses of sativa may alleviate stress, whereas higher doses could exacerbate it, impacting sleep negatively 13.

Recommended Sativa Strains for Energy

For those seeking the energizing benefits of sativa, opting for pure strains rather than sativa-dominant hybrids is advisable. Notable strains include:

  1. Durban Poison
  2. Super Lemon Haze
  3. Tropicana Cookies
  4. Sour Diesel
  5. Island Sweet Skunk
  6. Green Crack
  7. Super Silver Haze These strains are celebrated for enhancing energy and focus 13.

Caution with Sativa Edibles

When consuming sativa-based edibles, it is crucial to start with low doses. Overconsumption can produce intense psychoactive effects, potentially causing unexpected sleepiness instead of the desired energy boost 13.

Moreover, the THC levels in sativa strains can influence sleep cycles, with higher levels often increasing the risk of insomnia or restless sleep 14. This underscores the importance of moderation and understanding personal tolerance levels to optimize the benefits of sativa strains for sleep and energy.

CBD, THC, and Night Sweats

Interaction of THC and CBD with Night Sweats

THC and Body Temperature Regulation

THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to influence temperature regulation. Research indicates that THC can alter body temperature depending on the dosage; lower doses may increase body temperature, while higher doses can decrease it, potentially impacting night sweats 17.

CBD and Hyperhidrosis

CBD has been noted for its potential effects on hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating. One study highlighted an unexpected improvement in hyperhidrosis symptoms, including night sweats, with the use of CBD 1. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, which may contribute to these effects 8.

Synthetic Cannabinoids and Night Sweats

Synthetic cannabinoids like nabilone and dronabinol have been used in clinical settings to manage paraneoplastic night sweats effectively. Reports from various studies suggest that these compounds may offer relief for patients suffering from this condition, particularly in cancer patients 13.

Dosage Considerations and Drug Interactions

Dosage Guidelines for THC and CBD

Effective management of night sweats with cannabis may depend on precise dosage:

  • THC: Micro (0.1 mg to 0.4 mg), Low (0.5 mg to 5 mg), Medium (6 mg to 20 mg), High (21 mg to 50+ mg) 2.
  • CBD: Low (0.4 mg to 19 mg), Medium (20 mg to 99 mg), High (100 mg to 800+ mg) 2.

Drug Interaction Potential

Both THC and CBD can influence the metabolism of various pharmaceuticals. THC is processed by cytochrome P450 enzymes, potentially increasing the effects of drugs like antidepressants and blood thinners. Similarly, CBD may alter the effectiveness of anti-epileptics and other medications processed by metabolic enzymes 2.

Clinical and Anecdotal Evidence

Research and User Reports

Clinical research and anecdotal evidence suggest varying effects of cannabis on night sweats. While some studies and user reports indicate potential benefits, others show inconclusive results, particularly concerning the use during menopause 316. This variability underscores the importance of personalized consultation with healthcare providers to determine the suitability and safe use of cannabis for managing night sweats 3.

Personal Stories and Anecdotal Evidence

Experiences of Cannabis Use During Menopause

Managing Menopause Symptoms with Cannabis

A significant portion of women have turned to cannabis for managing menopause symptoms. Research indicates that 27% of menopausal women have used cannabis to alleviate symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings 17. The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) reports that 27% of surveyed women used cannabis specifically for menopause symptoms, compared to 19% who used traditional therapies 723.

Variability in Cannabis Efficacy

The effectiveness of cannabis in managing menopause symptoms, including night sweats, appears to vary. A survey designed to assess cannabis use among perimenopausal and postmenopausal individuals found that while many report benefits, results remain inconclusive for night sweats 320. This variability underscores the need for personalized approaches in cannabis use for menopause management.

Daily Use and Preferences in Cannabis Consumption

Among current cannabis users, daily or near-daily use is common, particularly through smoking or edible products. This frequent use highlights its perceived importance in managing chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep issues, which are prevalent during menopause 22.

Impact on Sleep and Anxiety

Cannabis is predominantly used to address sleep disturbances and anxiety, with 65% of users citing sleep and 45% citing anxiety as their reasons for cannabis use. This indicates a strong trend towards using cannabis to manage these specific menopausal symptoms 21.

Clinical Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Observational studies have shown that medical cannabis provides clinical benefits across various symptoms, including improvements in mood, sleep, and pain, which are critical during menopause 20. Over 75% of current cannabis users report that it helps manage their symptoms effectively 21.

This section highlights the personal experiences and anecdotal evidence of cannabis use among menopausal women, reflecting both the challenges and potential benefits of its use for managing menopause-related symptoms.

More Research Evidence

One notable study conducted to investigate the potential benefits of cannabis in night sweats treatment is:”Effect of cannabis use on nocturnal sleep and night sweats in menopausal women” (Lu et al., 2020)

This study examined the effects of cannabis use on nocturnal sleep and night sweats in menopausal women, a population commonly affected by night sweats. The researchers found that cannabis use was associated with a reduction in self-reported night sweats frequency and severity, as well as improvements in sleep quality.

However, it is important to note that this study focused on menopausal women, and further research is needed to explore the effects of cannabis on other populations experiencing night sweats.

Cautionary Measure

While cannabis strains, including indica and sativa, may offer potential benefits in managing night sweats, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before use.

They can provide personalized guidance, assess potential drug interactions, and ensure compliance with legal regulations.


Cannabis strains show promise in managing night sweats by potentially regulating body temperature, promoting relaxation, and improving sleep quality.

Individuals experiencing night sweats should engage in open and informed discussions with healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate treatment for their condition.

Combining medical expertise with the potential benefits of cannabis strains can lead to enhanced symptom management and improved sleep patterns.


Can Indica cannabis strains reduce hot flashes?

Yes, Indica cannabis is effective in reducing both the frequency and severity of hot flashes. This is because THC in cannabis can mimic an endocannabinoid that is involved in regulating body temperature. The effectiveness of cannabis in this regard is dependent on the dosage used.

Which provides a stronger sensation of being high, Sativa or Indica strains?

Sativa strains are generally recommended during the day and are associated with an uplifting cerebral or head high. Indica strains, on the other hand, are often recommended for nighttime use due to their pain-relieving and sleep-inducing properties. Indicas are known for their calming effects on the body and the mind, often leading to a more potent sensation of being high.

What is a highly recommended marijuana strain for alleviating stress?

OG Kush is a classic and popular hybrid strain highly regarded for stress relief. It induces a strong head high while simultaneously soothing stress and tension in the body. Ideal for relaxation in the evening, OG Kush is celebrated for its calming effects that ease both stress and muscle pain.

Does Sativa or Indica have a greater effect on sexual arousal?

Indica strains are particularly known for enhancing bodily sensations, including touch, which is significant for sexual experiences. Sativa strains, in contrast, are recognized for boosting energy and producing more psychedelic and cerebral experiences than Indica. Since energy can be beneficial for sexual activity, Sativa may contribute to increased sexual arousal.


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