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The best and worst cannabis strains for anxiety.

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The Best And Worst Cannabis Strains For Anxiety


Both users and non-users of cannabis have dealt with and faced anxiety attacks. It is an unpleasant experience, and people that deal with this are known to become suicidal at a point in their lives. These attacks also lead to isolation, other mental health problems, and depression. Some strains of cannabis, however, have been known to and are used to treat anxiety symptoms. However, different strains are known to worsen or induce these attacks.

This article gives a brief insight into which strains to go for when trying to curb anxiety and avoid it since they are bound to worsen.


Anxiety is a term different people define differently. However, the most common definition is a feeling of worry, unease, and nervousness about a situation with an uncertain outcome. Although it is more of a mental condition, there are many physical signs of anxiety. These may include a fast heart rate, rapid breathing, and perspiration or sweat. 

Other personal signs include biting the nails, restlessness, irritability, and fatigue. The symptoms of anxiety are evident, and for a keen eye, it is easy to tell when someone is anxious or having an anxiety attack. Many people experience anxiety attacks when doing something exciting or frightening that they have never done before. Others get anxiety attacks when they do something they did before that didn’t turn out in their favor. It could be anything, from a first flight or an encounter with a scary or frightening person.

In situations like these, it is no secret that cannabis can help. People dealing with anxiety’s unpleasant conditions have used cannabis to mitigate its effects for years. However, cannabis also induces anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness. So how do you know what you’re going to get? in this article, we answer this question. A situation where you light a joint to stop your anxiety attack and instead worsen it is undesirable.

The trick lies in choosing the best strain to deal with your condition. For example, some strains are prescribed for people with anxiety, while others induce anxiety and stress. However, remember that cannabis or marijuana affects people differently based on factors like sex, genes, and time or mode of consumption. A strain that makes you feel calm might make another paranoid, so while the information here is accurate to an extent, it has some evident variations. The most effective way to find what strain works for you is to experiment. Try out two or more different strains and see which one induces feelings of relaxation, calmness or brings about couch lock. Allow yourself some time and risk to find what works for you specifically. In this article, we will discuss strains and anxiety in detail.

Anxiety symptoms could be physical or non-physical. As seen earlier, we can see physical symptoms on others or ourselves. These include sweating, rapid and heavy breathing, and fatigue. Non-physical symptoms include numbness, elevated heartbeat, nausea, chills and hot flashes within the body, and chest pain.

Mitigation methods for anxiety without using cannabis.

It is agreeable that it is hard to tell when an anxiety attack will kick in. Anxiety attacks are unpredictable for many people, so avoiding them is nearly impossible. What is doable is how to deal with them once they happen. If you are a smoker or have a prescription for your anxiety, you can always medicate yourself whenever you sense one coming or get one. However, not everyone who receives these attacks consumes cannabis; even if they do, they can’t carry a joint or cannabis pills everywhere.

Luckily there are some effective techniques known to mitigate or alleviate this unpleasantness. These include: closing your eyes, trying to remember a beautiful memory or loved one, distracting yourself by focusing your attention elsewhere, acknowledging that you have an anxiety attack, and avoiding denial.

Other CBD products besides cannabis that help deal with anxiety

A psychoactive compound found in cannabis, CBD, has been proven to be effective for anxiety. Most of the high CBD strains also contain levels of THC but significantly less. If you want to avoid THC altogether, you can look for pure CBD products. It is easier to find these products at your local dispensary since CBD has a warmer legal reception than its sister compound, THC. People got creative when it came to infusing CBD into different products. There is CBD infused in drinks, beauty products, body patches, pillows, oil, and beverages. There are even tampons infused with CBD.

In conclusion, cannabis can help you deal with your panic and anxiety attacks. However, finding the strain that works for you would be best. Make sure you get a personal prescription and recommendation from a health worker. Do not use another person’s medication. 

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Effective strains against anxiety.

From a broader point of view, Hindu strains and hybrids are the best when dealing with anxiety. These are indica dominant and give a high characterized by relaxation, calmness, and pain-free. However, they sometimes also induce feelings of fatigue. On the other hand, they help slow down a racing mind, movement, and even your breathing. During an anxiety or panic attack, the last thing you need is an accelerator of thoughts. It will do nothing but blow everything out of proportion and make things worse. Here are some of these strains, Blueberry Kush, Hindu Kush, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, and Critical Kush.

When looking for strains to help with your anxiety, look out for strains high in CBD content. These are effective since they are famous for giving a head high. You can find strains high in CBD at The Seed Connect, and listed below are some of the strains high in CBD content.

  • Auto Ringo’s Gift Seeds
  • Nepal Pavarti feminized seeds
  • Colombian Haze feminized seeds
  • Latina Oaxacan feminized seeds
  • Royal Highness feminized seeds

Strains to avoid when dealing with anxiety.

Generally, the best strains for anxiety are those with a high CBD content. This means the ones you should avoid when looking for a solution to your anxiety attacks are those strains that are high in THC content.

Sativas are known to have significantly more THC than CBD. These give a body high, associated with feelings of being energized, talkativeness, racing thoughts, and restlessness. The most potent sativas are Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, and Blue Dream. These are strains you should avoid when it comes to anxiety. These powerful strains have THC levels of up to 30%. This percentage is enough to put even the most experienced smokers in states of paranoia and anxiety, so it would help if you avoided these. look out for strains with a THC percentage between 10 to 15% if you are looking to nurse anxiety, stress, and pressure.

Listed below are some strains from The Seed Connect that are high in THC content

  • Auto pie auto-flowering seeds
  • Blueberry Cupcake Clones
  • Apple Zawtz Clones
  • Black LimeLight
  • Purple African Magic

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