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Auto Sherbert Auto-Flower Seeds


Auto Sherbert 🍧: Potent Indica-dominant strain, tantalizing sweet tropical flavors, and a refreshingly powerful high. Perfect for melting stress away, inducing deep relaxation, and enhancing overall mood.

🌱 Feminized Seeds

THC Content: High THC 20-24%
Medium THC
High THC
Very High THC
Citrus, Fruity,
Flowering Time Icon
Flowering Time:
75-90 days,

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Embrace the award-winning genetics of Sherbet, now available in the convenience of autoflowering feminized seeds! An intoxicating mix of Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison heritage, Auto Sherbert brings you the best from the latest USA genetics. Expect THC levels to soar above 20%, offering a fast-acting and powerfully refreshing high.

Sweet mango and melon flavors greet your taste buds, followed by an exhilarating high that takes you on a sensory journey. Chosen for its ease of growth and heavy yields, Auto Sherbert is perfect for home growers seeking a hassle-free, potent auto.

In just 75-90 days, you can harvest this sweet, fruity delight indoors with a preferred 20 hours of daily light. Outdoor cultivation will take a little longer. Sherbert Auto is an Indica-dominant powerhouse that promises an intense, long-lasting high. Enjoy the potent aromas of tropical mangoes and melons and the full-body relaxation it offers. It is ideal for easing stress and anxiety and promoting better sleep.

Relax, savor the flavors, and ride the waves of happiness that Sherbert Auto brings. Its ease of growth, impressive 2-5 ounces yields, and superior flavors make it a favorite among growers and consumers. Dive into the fruitful world of Auto Sherbert – an effortless grow, a fruitful harvest, and a blissful experience.


Reported Benefits of Auto Sherbert weed


Due to its potent THC content and indica-dominant nature, Auto Sherbert offers several potential benefits to recreational and medical cannabis consumers. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, these reported benefits are largely anecdotal, as extensive clinical research on individual cannabis strains is lacking.

  1. Relaxation: Auto Sherbert provides a strong sense of physical relaxation, making it a good strain for winding down in the evening or on a day off.
  2. Euphoria and Mood Enhancement: This strain is reported to induce a sense of euphoria and can improve mood, making it potentially beneficial for those dealing with stress or mood disorders.
  3. Pain Relief: The high THC content in Auto Sherbert can help alleviate pain, from chronic conditions like arthritis to temporary discomforts such as headaches or muscle strain.
  4. Sleep Aid: Due to its relaxing effects, Auto Sherbert may be useful for individuals struggling with insomnia or other sleep disorders.
  5. Appetite Stimulation: Like many cannabis strains, Auto Sherbert may stimulate the appetite, benefiting individuals dealing with appetite loss due to conditions like cancer or HIV/AIDS.

Remember, everyone’s experience with cannabis can vary based on a range of factors, including their biology, the exact makeup of the strain, and more. Always use responsibly and consult with a healthcare professional if you’re considering cannabis for medical purposes.


How to germinate and best-growing conditions for Auto Sherbert seeds


To germinate Auto Sherbert seeds and achieve the best grow conditions, you can follow these steps:

  1. Germination: Begin by soaking your seeds in distilled water for 12-24 hours until they crack open and sprouts appear. Then place them between two layers of moist paper towels. Keep them in a warm, dark place (ideally between 70-90°F or 21-32°C) and ensure the towels stay moist but not soaking. You should see a taproot appear within a few days.
  2. Planting: Once your seeds have sprouted, gently plant them in a pot with a light, well-draining growing medium. The taproot should be pointing down, and the seed should be covered with about half an inch (1.25 cm) of soil.
  3. Light: Auto Sherbert can handle much light as an autoflowering strain. Once the seedlings have been established, you can set your indoor lights to an 18-24 hour daily light cycle. Full-spectrum LED lights can help provide the broad range of light frequencies cannabis plants enjoy.
  4. Temperature and Humidity: Auto Sherbert prefers a warm and slightly humid environment, particularly in the vegetative stage. Aim for temperatures between 70-80°F (21-27°C) and relative humidity between 50-70%. As the plant transitions to the flowering stage, gradually reduce humidity to around 40-50% to discourage mold growth.
  5. Nutrients: Begin feeding your plant nutrients once it has a few sets of leaves. Start with a nutrient solution for vegetative growth, then switch to a bloom or flowering formula once your plant starts producing flowers. Autoflowering strains typically don’t need as heavy feeding as photoperiod strains, so start with a half-strength solution and adjust based on your plant’s response.
  6. Watering: Water your plants when the top inch of the soil feels dry. Overwatering can lead to root problems, so it’s better to water a little too little than too much.
  7. Harvesting: Auto Sherbert takes about 75-90 days from seed to harvest under optimal conditions. When the buds are fat, and the trichomes have a milky appearance with some turning amber, it’s usually time to harvest.

Learn the best way to germinate your seeds with our exclusive Step-by-Step Germination Guide.

Remember, growing cannabis requires careful attention to your plant’s needs and compliance with local laws regarding cultivation. Happy growing!


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Additional information

Strain Type

Indica, Sativa

Seed Gender


Flowering Time

75-90 days


Citrus, Fruity, Sour


Medium CBD 1-10%




Mediterranean, Sunny, Warm

Grower Experience

Experienced, Intermediate

Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors


Extremely Strong 🔥🔥🔥

Indica/Sativa Ratio



High THC 20-24%


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