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Buy Marijuana Seeds In Montana

Cannabis Seeds In Montana

At The Seed Connect, you can buy cannabis seeds in Montana — the treasure state having rich deposits of gold, silver, lead and home to giant grizzly bears.

You can add one more thing to that list— legal cannabis.

Yes, in Montana, cannabis lovers can have their weed gardens as long as they grow the required number of plants as per the law.

You are not yet ready to cultivate if you don’t have the various facts about starting your weed garden.

This guide will show you the best seed strains, local laws, and how to grow your cannabis from seed.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Montana

Is marijuana legal in Montana?

Yes, it is. A long-awaited moment arrived with the Montana 1-190 Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2020)


The Montana House of Representatives introduced House Bill 701, which was voted on and passed into law.


This bill led to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Montana, and it also reduced the restriction of marijuana laws that were already in place.


For you to stay on the right side of the law, you must know what can keep you there.


Read along the laws stated below.

Cannabis laws in Montana

Montana I-190, Marijuana Legalization Initiative summary;

Adult usage and possession

  • Initiative 1-190 legalized the possession and use of one ounce or less of marijuana or 8 grams or less of marijuana concentrate by persons over the age of 21. The ballot initiative allowed persons over the age of 21 to grow no more than four marijuana plants and four seedlings for personal use in their residence, as long as the plants are within an enclosed area with a lock and beyond public view.
  • Consuming marijuana or being under the influence of marijuana remained illegal while driving, flying an aircraft, or boating. Smoking marijuana is illegal in public places and open spaces.
  • I-190 also provided that employers can prohibit marijuana use on the employer’s property and enforce disciplinary action on employees for violations.
  • Montana residents are allowed to possess, use, and grow marijuana on January 1, 2021. The initiative’s resentencing and expungement provisions also took effect that day.

Marijuana regulation: Regulation of marijuana production and sales

The Montana Department of Revenue became responsible for regulating the cultivation, manufacture, transport, and sale of marijuana in Montana. I-190 required the department to develop regulations to do the following:

  • establish and maintain a registry of persons who receive licenses;
  • issue endorsements for manufacturing to an adult-use provider or an adult-use marijuana-infused products provider;
  • conduct criminal history background checks before issuing licenses;
  • make a licensing application available and begin accepting them by January 1, 2022;
  • publish the names of all license holders and the relevant local jurisdiction on the department’s website;
  • ensure that all marijuana products are not sold to any person under the age of 21, excluding those with medical marijuana licenses;
  • require a government-issued ID to purchase marijuana and require stores to check the ID for proof of age;
  • require marijuana must be placed in child-resistant packaging on exit from a marijuana establishment;
  • prohibit licensed retailers from advertising marijuana in any medium;
  • prohibit marijuana establishments from using false or misleading packages or labels;
  • require “labeling standards that protect public health by requiring the listing of pharmacologically active ingredients;” and
  • enforce potency and quality standards for marijuana products.

Marijuana licenses and establishments: Licenses for marijuana establishments

  • Under I-190, the Montana Department of Revenue was authorized to issue licenses to marijuana dispensaries and marijuana providers.


  • The licenses for marijuana providers and dispensaries were set to authorize the licensee to cultivate, manufacture, possess, sell, and transport marijuana.
  • Marijuana providers needed to prove they are Montana residents, provide identification forms, be fingerprinted for a background check, provide the address of the cultivation site, and pay a fee to apply for a license.
  • The department was set to issue licenses according to a 10-tiered system based on the size of the premises. The department would be authorized to add tiers.
  • Providers needed to verify that they are producing and selling the minimum amount according to the size of their premises before moving up a tier.
  • All licenses needed to be laminated and indicate whether a provider is also a manufacturer.
  • The department would begin accepting licensing applications by January 1, 2022. Applications would need to be approved within 90 days for new licenses and within 30 for renewed licenses.
  • If the department does not act within that timeline, it must reduce the licensing fee and allow the renewing licensee to continue to operate until the application is acted on. Before approving an application, the department would need to complete an inspection of the applicant’s premises.
  • For the first 12 months of accepting applications, the department was set to authorize to license providers and dispensaries in good standing with the department of public health and human services that already are licensed to sell medical marijuana.
  • Licenses would need to renew their licenses annually.
  • The state laboratory became responsible for licensing testing facilities where the chemicals of marijuana and marijuana-infused products would be tested for contamination before the products could be sold.
  • Licensed test facilities would be permitted to possess, test, and transport marijuana.

Marijuana taxation: Taxes levied on marijuana

Marijuana and marijuana-infused product sales would be taxed at 20% of the retail price. The tax would be separate from any additional state and local sales taxes that may apply to the sale. Marijuana tax revenue was set to be allocated into the newly created marijuana compensation state special revenue account that would deposit revenue funds to; wildlife, parks, and recreation, drug addiction treatment, services and assistance for all Montana veterans, local authorities regulating marijuana, a wage increase to health care workers who provide direct service.

Legal penalties: Penalties for violating the initiative’s provisions

The following are the legal penalties for violating the initiative’s provisions:



Cultivation of marijuana for personal use within a public view or outside a locked enclosed area

• Violation: Civil fine not exceeding $250 and forfeiture of the marijuana

Smoking marijuana in a public place

• Violation: Civil fine not exceeding $50

For persons under the age of 21, possession, use, transportation, or sharing of 1 ounce or less of marijuana

• Violation option 1: Civil fine not to exceed $100
• Violation option 2: Up to 4 hours of drug education or counseling

For persons over the age of 21, possession and delivery of more than one ounce but less than two ounces of marijuana in a concentrated form

• First violation: Civil fine not exceeding $200 or completing up to 4 hours of community service
• Second or subsequent violation: Civil fine not exceeding $300 or completing up to 6 hours of community service
• Third or subsequent violations: Civil fine not exceeding $500 or completing up to 8 hours of community service

Resentencing and expungement: Resentencing and expungement of certain marijuana-related crimes

  • Under Initiative 190, persons serving marijuana-related sentences that are no longer crimes under the initiative or have a lesser punishment could request to be resentenced or have the conviction expunged depending on the circumstances.
  • Resentencing may result in less time served, and time already served counted towards the shorter sentence.
  • Expungement means the marijuana-related conviction would be removed from the individual’s record

Best Strains in Montana

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Montana

Is it hard to grow cannabis seeds in Montana?


Montana features some of the best that nature can give.


Those living in Montana can attest to this. It is not called the treasure state for nothing—it offers beautiful glacier mountains, wildlife, and precious minerals.


But there is more than meets the eye, the rugged landscape of Montana. It is one of the few obstacles to cannabis growers.


The local climate should always be your prime concern regardless of whether you are growing marijuana in or outdoors.


There are a few things you need to be aware of before you start your cannabis-grow journey.

Differences between Indoor Vs. Outdoor Weed Growing in Montana

In Montana, you may experience hot rainy summers and cold dry winters. This is because its climate varies in different areas— Northern Pacific Coastal to Continental.

Therefore, planting your cannabis seeds will depend on what zone you live in.

For outdoor growers, the best time for your pot seeds is late April—for warm regions of Montana. For colder areas, the best time in mid-May.

Indoor growing

Indoor growing is a must-have in cold regions or any region

As much as auto-flowers do well in the outdoors, you should opt for indoor growing if you want a strain variety.

With indoor grow rooms, you control the whole plant life cycle from the cannabis seed planting to the flowering stage.

With the right controls, you are assured of a lush cannabis garden. The temperature and humidity levels must be regulated at every stage of growth.

The lighting systems and the water quantities must be just right for the cannabis plant to thrive.

The lighting systems and water quantities must be right for the cannabis plant to grow well.

The added advantage of growing indoors is that the product is high-quality; even in the market, indoor-grown cannabis sells more.

Most Popular weed strains in Montana

Because cannabis seeds are legal in Montana, there are various seed strains you can choose from.

Auto flowers, Feminized seeds, sativas, and indicas—all bring to the table different attributes.

To choose the right seed strain for you, you may have to read about each of them.

Auto-flowering weed seeds in Montana

Autos can be grown in or outdoors; this is why they are convenient to cannabis growers and also because they are fast growers.

They can also be handled by beginners.

Auto-flowers are bred to thrive in harsh weather.

Top autoflowering cannabis seed strains in Montana

Feminized Cannabis seeds in Montana

Feminized seeds are bred to produce only female plants. You won’t find any males lurking around this bunch.

They have high levels of THC, matchless terpene profiles, and yields.

They also produce splendid yields, captivating flavors, and concentrated cannabinoid profiles.

Top feminized Marijuana seeds in Montana

Indica weed strains in Montana

Indicas have high concentrations of THC, which provide euphoric effects that help patients with anxiety—it has calming and relaxing effects.

Patients who don’t get sleep easily and those in pain are prescribed the indica weed strain.

Indicas are best taken in the evenings and on days with few activities.

Buy Indica Seeds in Montana

Sativa weed strains in Montana

Sativas give more head highs than the body- they focus more on the cerebral parts of the body.

The Sativa weed strain high effects give energy, increase creativity, uplift peoples’ mood, and give sharper focus.

Generally, what Sativa does is help with mental health issues.

It is also recommended to patients with chronic fatigue.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds in Montana

You can buy marijuana seeds in Montana online from The Seed Connect.

Our seed bank has hundreds of cannabis strains, a lot more than what your local seed bank has in stock.

We guarantee that our seeds will germinate; we’ll replace every seed that doesn’t germinate.

We sell seeds from our shop in Tempe, Arizona, and ship to the following Montana Cities within 2-7 working days.

Billings Helena Helena Valley Southeast Whitefish Four Corners
Missoula Kalispell Helena Valley West Central Laurel Orchard Homes
Great Falls Belgrade Miles City Lockwood Columbia Falls
Bozeman Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Evergreen Sidney Polson
Butte-Silver Bow Havre Livingston Lewistown Bigfork

Issues to consider when growing cannabis seeds in Montana

As you are growing your cannabis, there are several issues you may stumble on in your grow area.

They include; Law enforcement, Thieves, harsh weather, pest, and diseases.

Law enforcement

In Montana, cannabis is legal but steer clear of the cops by having the right amount of weed on you and the right number of plants in your weed garden.

Beyond the limit, you are subject to the law.


Be watchful of your surroundings, thieves are in play everywhere in Montana.

Don’t go around sharing about your new fond cannabis hobby—Remember that word spreads fast.

Just to be on the safe side, install security systems to alert you of what transpires in your cannabis garden.

Harsh weather

One more issue you should take note of is Montana’s weather. It can have all four seasons wrapped in twenty-four hours.

This implies that as an outdoor grower, you should be ready for anything regarding Montana’s weather especially the sudden summer storms.

Pests and diseases

Last but not least is the issue of pests and diseases.

Everyone loves a pest and disease-free garden but it is possible with Montana’s weather to encounter these pesky little creatures.

The best and easiest way for you to avoid this from happening is by buying a cannabis seed strain with zero tolerance to pests and diseases.

As a last resort, you can have organic fungicides and pesticides if these persist.

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Buy wholesale marijuana seeds at discounted prices from The Seed Connect.

Our seed catalog contains thousands of cannabis strains to satisfy your needs and preferences.

We have Auto flowers, Feminized and Regular marijuana seeds sold in bulk.

Every cannabis seed strain is available and comes in multiples of 100 seeds.

The price structure for wholesale marijuana seeds

Our prices are tailored so that the more you order the bigger your discount.

50-100 Seeds – 10% discount

100-500 seeds – you get a 20% discount

500+ seeds – you get a 30% discount.

Our wholesale cannabis seed collection

Regular Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Our regular marijuana seeds are as natural as Mother Nature intended them to be. They come in both female and male at the lowest prices.

Feminized Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Want only feminized wholesale marijuana seeds? We’ve got the best strains that are guaranteed to flower and deliver a good yield.

Auto-Flowering Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Our Auto Flowering Wholesale Marijuana Seeds are proven to have a higher germination rate and deliver the perfect yield.

Download our Wholesale Marijuana Seeds Catalogue Sept 2021

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