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Buy cannabis seeds in Dunwoody, Georgia.

Like other seeds, cannabis seeds in Dunwoody require the optimum conditions to grow and produce potent buds. 

Various strains require different conditions to grow. Some are light intensive, while others don’t depend on switching light cycles. Some strains are resilient to pests and diseases, while others are susceptible.

Below are categories of pot seeds and their growth requirements.

Premimium Feminized Cannabis Strains

Which pot seeds can I buy in Dunwoody?


There are a variety of weed seeds you can buy. The seeds in each category require different growth requirements depending on the strain.


Feminized cannabis seeds in Dunwoody


Cannabis bud growers love feminized seeds because they only have female chromosomes in their genetics that guarantee female plants, which give the buds.

The plants are light intensive, especially in the vegetative stage. They require up to 18 hours of light.

To induce flowering, you need to reduce light to 12 hours of light.



Regular weed seeds in Dunwoody


Before any modifications to cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds are what farmers would grow. They give male and female plants and have a long gestation period 



Auto-flowering marijuana seeds in Dunwoody


Auto-flowering seeds have modifications to their genetics to give quality buds identical to feminized seeds when you expose them to optimal conditions, especially sunlight.



Are marijuana seeds legal in Dunwoody?


Yes, buying cannabis is legal in Dunwoody, but you cannot grow them per the laws.


Why shop marijuana seeds at The Seed Connect?


We breed our marijuana seeds in-house with the help of our experienced breeders, so we sell pot seeds we have tested and trust to meet germination standards

We back up the cannabis seeds we sell with a germination guarantee with an offer to freely replace those that don’t germinate.

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