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Buy cannabis seeds in Winder, Georgia.

Grow cannabis seeds in Winder outdoors to save money on lighting and the exorbitant cost of purchasing and installing indoor grow house equipment. 

What’s to stop you? Winder has a warm, sunny climate, ideal for growing cannabis outdoors and our shop page has hundreds of outdoor strains of marijuana seeds in Winder.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself if you wand to cultivate weed seeds in Winder indoors because we also sell them.

We back all the Winder marijuana seeds we sell with germination guarantees.

Premimium Feminized Cannabis Strains

Which marijuana seeds can I buy in Winder?


We provide feminized, regular, auto-flowering cannabis seeds of the highest quality. 

Each category has varieties of Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids that in vary in growth requirements and potency so feel free to choose those that suit you.


Auto-flowering marijuana seeds in Winder


Autoflowers are the most discreet plants to grow. Because they are short and tiny, they blend in well with other plants. 

They automatically flower when they are mature so you don’t have to worry about inducing flowering.



Feminized cannabis seeds in Winder


Did you know that stressing a female plant can cause it to develop male sex characteristics? 

This is how breeders create feminized pot seeds. First, they cause a female plant’s pollination sacs to produce pollen, which they utilize to pollinate other female plants. 

As a result, feminized marijuana seeds are produced, ensuring female plants. 



Regular weed seeds in Winder


These are non-modified, natural pot seeds with an extended flowering time. 

You must be patient enough to to grow them because they have a long gestatin period.

They produce female and male plants. 



Are pot seeds legal in Winder?


Yes, weed seeds are legal in Winder. However, the law criminalizes the growth of cannabis seeds.

You can however consume nor possess the weed plant material


Why buy weed seeds with The Seed Connect?


Don’t squander your time hunting for a cannabis seed bank. 

Place your order for cannabis seeds online at The Seed Connect using your phone or laptop, and we’ll make sure they arrive in 2-5 business days. 

We also make sure that the seeds arrive securely and privately. 

We’ll cover your shipping charges if you spend $100 on weed seeds. 

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