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Buy Cannabis seeds in Surprise, AZ

Buy Cannabis seeds in Surprise, AZ

Are you looking to buy cannabis seeds in Surprise, AZ? The Seed Connect, based in Tempe, has a wide selection of feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds.

See the options available to you here.

Is it legal to cultivate marijuana seeds in Surprise

Yes, it is legal to grow marijuana in Surprise. The marijuana laws of Arizona allow an individual to cultivate up to 6 plants and a household up to 12 plants.

Buy Autoflower cannabis seeds in Surprise

Our Autoflowering marijuana seeds get the most love from growers in Surprise. Thanks to their non reliance to light cycles and ease of growth.

Buy Feminized cannabis seeds

Grow only female weed plants with our Surprise Feminized seeds. With these, you will not worry about the sex of the plants as they grow.

Buy Regular cannabis seeds

You’ll get a 50-75% feminization rate with our Regular marijuana seeds . Regular seeds suits best growers with some experience. We recommend the autoflower seeds or the feminized seeds if you are a new grower.

Where to buy Cannabis seeds in Surprise

You can buy cannabis seeds in Surprise online here at The Seed Connect. or you can come down to our store at 1949 East University Dr. Suite 110 Tempe.

Seed Guarantee

Our marijuana seeds are backed by a germination guarantee.  (We replace seeds that don’t germinate).

We offer free shipping for orders over $100

Orders typically arrive in 2-5 days. Tracking numbers are provided with every order.


Marijuana Seeds In Surprise, AZ

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