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There’s nothing more fun than growing marijuana on your own; it makes you appreciate your weed more. But, if you want to buy cannabis seeds in Coachella, California, you need to get the perfect seeds.

Our award-winning genetics at marijuana seed connect are the best to grow in Coachella.

We also have feminized pot seeds, regular cannabis seeds, and auto-flowering seeds, giving you a detailed catalog for you to choose from.

Hot New Feminized Cannabis Strains

Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Coachella?


According to the state laws of California on cannabis, 21 years old and above persons are the only people allowed to cultivate marijuana. Each person is permitted to grow a maximum of six plants.

Personal cultivation is permitted within a private residence and far away from the minors in Coachella.


Which cannabis seeds should I buy in Coachella?


The Seed Connect provides you with a wide range of cannabis seeds to choose from below.


Auto-flowering seeds in Coachella


Our medical auto-flowering seeds ooze with medical juices. Auto-flowering seeds don’t take long to turn into flowers. These marijuana strains are easy to manage that even baby growers can manage them.



Feminized pot seeds in Coachella


Feminized pot seeds grow into female plants. The female plants have the element of marijuana that most people love.



Buy regular cannabis seeds in Coachella


Regular cannabis seeds mature into both female and male plants. The proportion of the gender is always 50:50.

Our regular cannabis has a 50-75% feminization rate.



Where to buy seeds in Coachella?


Just get online and add your favorite marijuana seeds from our The Seed Connect online site. You can add any seeds of your choice because we have a wide variety. Our marijuana seeds are delivered in 2-7 days and not later than that.


Why buy seeds in The Seed Connect?


A germination guarantee backs all the seeds from The Seed connect; if they fail to germinate, we will replace them on your next order.

We offer free shipping for orders above $100.

We have 100% secure payment channels for transactions. Online transactions and phone orders payment channels are safe.



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