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Buy cannabis seeds in East Palo Alto.

Buy cannabis seeds in East Palo Alto.

Grow cannabis seeds in East Palo Alto outdoor and save on electricity bills in lighting and high prices of buying and installing indoor grow house equipment.

Why not? East Palo Alto experiences a warm sunny climate in which cannabis can flourish outdoor.

Are pot weeds legal in East Palo Alto?


Yes, marijuana is legal in East Palo Alto.

The law in California allows you to grow six plants or less.

Grow out of the public eye and don’t drive after using any cannabis product.


Which marijuana seeds can I buy in East Palo?


We sell the best quality of feminized, regular, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Below we show all the seeds we sell in their respective categories.


Auto-flowering marijuana seeds in East Palo


Auto-flowers are the best plants to grow discretely.

They are short and small, so you can easily camouflage them to other plants.



Feminized cannabis seeds in East Palo


Did you know that you can stress a female plant to grow male sex features?

That’s how breeders make feminized pot seeds. They stress a female plant to produce pollination sacs which produce pollen that they use to pollinate other female plants.

The result is feminized marijuana seeds that guarantee female plants.



Regular weed seeds in East Palo


These are natural pot seeds without modification that have a long flowering period.

If you want to grow these seeds, you should be patient enough to mature.



Why buy weed seeds with The Seed Connect?


Don’t waste your time moving around looking for a seed bank from which to buy cannabis seeds.

Using your phone or laptop, place your order of the pot seeds you like online here at The Seed Connect, and we ensure to deliver your pot seeds in 2-5 business days.

We also ensure to deliver the seeds in discrete packaging safely.

We then cover shipping costs if you buy weed seeds worth $100.



Marijuana seeds in East Palo Alto, California.

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