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Anyone you ask will agree that you will have a good time growing cannabis seeds in Rohnert Park.

Cannabis has a potent ability to help you relax the mind and body and is something much more helpful.

 Many individuals find cannabis a great all-natural alternative to over counter medication for various symptoms.

Hot New Feminized Cannabis Strains

Is cannabis legal in Rohnert Park?


California operates under the law that adult (21 years or older) possession of up to one ounce of cannabis seeds is legal regarding both medical and personal use.


How to choose the best cannabis seeds for you?


With The Seed Connect, you can choose the best cannabis seeds for your need and grow your own medicine right at home.

Our online inventory contains a vast number of cannabis seed strains giving detailed information on each strain effect and grows guides that can help you choose your choice


Feminized weed seeds in Rohnert Park


The term feminized refers to a unique pot seed type that doesn’t have male chromosomes.

Buying female seeds eliminates male plants from the equation, and the potential damage they do is unwelcome.



Auto-flower cannabis seeds in Rohnert Park


Our comprehensive selection of auto-flowering cannabis seeds has been expertly bred to flower regardless of the light cycle.

Auto-flower cannabis plants take less time to flower and give multiple harvests, making them ideal for beginner growers looking for quick and easy growth.



Regular marijuana seeds in Rohnert Park


Regular cannabis seeds serve a vital role when it comes to breeding. They give male and female plants that are genetically unaltered.

Regular cannabis seeds are natural seeds to a layperson, just as Mother Nature made them.



Order cannabis seeds in Rohnert Park?


The seed connect makes it easy, effortless, and convenient to have weed seeds delivered to your home. If you want to buy Rohnert Park marijuana seeds, The Seed Connect is the top place to shop.


Why buy cannabis seeds with The seed connect in Rohnert Park?


Not only do we offer safe, discreet shipping for your premium cannabis seeds, but we also love to see your pot gardens thrive

We also offer high-quality cannabis seeds with a 90% germination guarantee. For the case of the weed seeds that do not sprout, we’ll replace them for free with your next order.

We also offer fast delivery for your pot seeds and free delivery over $100 within the

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