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Buy cannabis seeds in San Lorenzo.

Buy cannabis seeds in San Lorenzo.

Buy cannabis seeds in San Lorenzo and become a part of the marijuana family at The Seed Connect.

Don’t grow your marijuana alone. Instead, join the other farmers and share your growth experience.

Are pot seeds legal in San Lorenzo?


California legalized recreational marijuana in all cities in 2016 with just a few restrictions.

Then, recreational marijuana is for adult use for persons at least 21 years.

Adults can only possess and consume 28.5 grams of marijuana in their private residence.


Best weed seeds to buy in San Lorenzo?


Below we sell the best latest collection of feminized, regular, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds.


Auto-flowering pot seeds in San Lorenzo


Auto-flowers give you buds without a fuss because these weed seeds flower on their own when they mature.

They quickly adapt to the environment you grow them in, even with minimum care and effort on the grower’s side.



Feminized cannabis seeds in San Lorenzo


Feminized pot seeds are grown for the sole purpose of giving potent buds with high terpene profiles THC and CBD, which is why they are stoners’ favorites and people in the medical world.



Regular marijuana seeds in San Lorenzo


These pot seeds yield both female and male plants, making them hard to deal with when you want buds because you have to sex out the plants then separate the males from the females.



Why shop pot seeds with The Seed Connect?


We are an authentic online seed bank that sells quality pot seeds that we back with a germination guarantee.

we ensure to avail secure payment options that you can use to make payments and be sure it’s not a scam because you receive the pot seeds in 2-5 business days

We safely and discretely ship the weed seeds to your location



Marijuana seeds in San Lorenzo, California.

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