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Formerly known as the place where father sun meets mother Earth, Temecula experiences beautiful sunny days. A glance at the morning sunshine is enough to warm one’s heart.

The sunny days make it sound like an excellent place to grow something, do not think so far; think within the box.

Make use of this microclimate to start growing cannabis seeds in Temecula. Let The Seed Connect supply all your finest marijuana strains in Temecula.

Hot New Feminized Cannabis Strains

Are weed seeds legal in Temecula?


Yes, cannabis seeds are legal in Temecula as an adult novelty item. But, be smart and follow the city’s simple marijuana laws.

Grow only six marijuana plants at your home in either an indoor tent, renovated closet space, or greenhouse.

Let your marijuana plants grow out of the public eye. However, if you happen to be a resident of Temecula and you are below 21 years old, I kindly advise you not to consume or buy marijuana. There is nothing fancy behind bars.


Which weed seeds can I buy in Temecula?


You will find the auto-flowering, feminized, and regular seeds. Below all these are explained further.


Auto-flowering marijuana seeds in Temecula


Choose to live a stress-free life by dealing with the auto-flowering seeds.         

These lovely ladies do not need much of your attention. Without a seasonal sunlight shift, they will still flower automatically grow fast, strong and healthy.

Put a little effort into watering, trimming them occasionally, and waiting for a blooming harvest.



Feminized cannabis seeds in Temecula


For fresh green marijuana flowers, deal with these feminized cannabis seeds. These are scientifically modified; therefore, they have only X chromosomes.

It makes them only yield female plants that provide sweet buds for smoking.



Regular weed seeds in Temecula


These seeds take quite a long period to mature into ready plants than the other categories of cannabis seeds.

But good enough, regular cannabis seeds are both weed and seed producers. So how do they produce both weed and seed?

Regular seeds have both the X and Y chromosomes to grow into either female or male plants. As a result, the male plants yield seeds, and the female plants produce sweet buds.




Why shop with The Seed Connect?


For all the top-shelf seeds, contact The Seed Connect. Try our cannabis today; I promise you to come back for more.

We guarantee all our marijuana seeds and always replace those that do not germinate with new seeds at no charge.

Submit your purchase order today between 2 to 5 days; your seeds will reach your location

Last but not least, we charge no shipping costs when seeds ordered are worth 100 US dollars and above.

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