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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Greenwich, CT

We are happy to show you the ropes if you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Greenwich, Connecticut.

We’ll walk you through the various strains and how to reach harvest successfully.

We also deliver the seeds promptly to your front door wherever you live.

Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Is it legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Greenwich?


Individuals who are medical marijuana patients aged 21 years and older can grow six plants in your garden as per Connecticut’s pot laws.


What Cannabis Strains should I Buy in Greenwich?


The nature of your garden will determine what seed strains you should buy.

The info below can give you a little insight into what that is.


Auto-flowering Weed Seeds in Greenwich


Plant auto-flowering weed seeds in Greenwich if you’re a busy grower.

They need less of your time and effort.



Regular Cannabis Seeds in Greenwich


Growers that want to maintain productivity in their gardens should use regular seeds.

Prepare to run out of room when these plants fertilize each other.



Feminized Pot Seeds in Greenwich


Only female plants emerge from feminized pot seeds in Greenwich.

No males can lurk in this batch.



Where can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in Greenwich?


We handle all our seed orders online at The Seed Connect.

We also deliver within 2-7 days to your front door.


Why Buy Seeds with The Seed Connect?


You may buy seeds with confidence that they will germinate.

We replace those that germinate with your next order.

For orders above $100, we additionally cover the cost of shipping.



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